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Inflammatory rhetoric: “You’re a !@#$%&* crook!”



By Mencken’s Ghost

Jan. 14, 2010


Last night, I was sitting at home minding my own business, drinking a beer taxed at 50%, and thinking about all of my contributions to society, including leading a moral life, serving in the Army, being frugal and saving money that provides the capital for economic growth and new jobs, raising an upstanding kid who will be a big net contributor to society, and giving much more than my fair share in taxes and donations.


Then suddenly, I heard the sound of breaking glass, and a few seconds later was staring at the unfriendly end of a pistol held by a robber.  “Give me your money and jewelry,” he growled.  Not wanting to be a dead hero, I complied and quickly gathered up enough to satisfy him.


After he exited the house, I ran out the front door and yelled at the fleeing robber, “You’re a !@#$%&* crook!


In other words, I engaged in inflammatory rhetoric.  But given the provocation, I felt justified in doing so.  After all, it was a case of cause and effect:  Robbery was the cause, and inflammatory rhetoric was the result.


This fictional story is really not so fictional.  You see, I am robbed repeatedly by my government, which takes a disproportionate amount of my money against my will and gives it to louts, spendthrifts, mooches, ne’er-do-wells, mercantilists, corporatists, rent-seekers, subsidy-seekers, and the government-run banking cartel.  Since voting to stop the robbing is futile, there’s nothing I can do but engage in inflammatory rhetoric.


Cause and effect.


Those who take my money and those who receive it from the takers have no reason to engage in inflammatory rhetoric.  But at least they could say please and thank you.


The government’s method of robbing isn’t as direct and efficient as the method used by the fictional robber, but it still relies on the use of a gun.  If I don’t comply with the orders of the tax man, armed agents will eventually take me to prison.


Some of the thievery is so indirect and hidden that it goes unnoticed by most citizens.  I’m speaking of the actions of the immoral Federal Reserve monopoly, which, in cahoots with immoral politicians, robs citizens of their savings by printing money and debasing the dollar, thus allowing politicians to buy votes by giving free stuff to moochers without raising taxes on marks like me to the point where they revolt. 


Then there are the Ponzi schemes of Social Security and Medicare, both of which make Bernie Madoff look like a Boy Scout.


Like his predecessors, silver-tongued President Obama knows about all of these scams but doesn’t blow the whistle on them.  Instead, he accepts millions of dollars in campaign contributions from those who fence the stolen goods, especially from the banking cartel.  It’s the same with members of Congress on both sides of the aisle, including those who sanctimoniously preach about inflammatory rhetoric.


Here’s a deal for them:  I’ll stop the inflammatory rhetoric if they’ll stop robbing me.  Until then, they are !@#$%&* crooks.   



“Mencken’s Ghost” is the nom de plume of an Arizona writer who can be reached at ccan2@aol.com.