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Cops and Citizens – Who’s Killing Who?

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Police apologists around the nation are exploiting the deaths of officers in a brazen attempt to collectively play victim, while daring to blame the people for waging a “war on cops.”
“There's a perception among officers in the field that there’s a war on cops going on,” sneered Richard Roberts, the spokesman for the always-draconian International Union of Police Associations.”
Of course, the only declared domestic “war” is the one that has been waged against us by the police: the drug war. As a result of that war, our “prestigious” law enforcement agencies on all levels have become so militarized that even small town cops look like mech warriors.
To supply these war-wagers, a cottage industry of quasi-government agencies, vendors, and suppliers gobble up absurd amounts of taxpayer dollars to push their TASERS, jail cells, microwave pain rays and naked body scanners. Because the police love you.
In fact, they love you so much that about 360 people within the U.S. die each year at the hands of “trained” police officers, and that’s just by guns alone. (http://abcnews.go.com/US/story?id=95584&page=1)
That’s about 30 civilians a month, more “casualties” than some world conflict zones.
By contrast, 49 officers were killed in all of 2010.
It’s a shame the police unions think they can keep their bloated, arrogant budgets by trampling all over the bodies of their fellow, fallen officers.
If they truly cared about officer safety, the police unions would demand an end to the drug war--- the single biggest threat to officers, and our rights.
David Alpha

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Comment by Kevin Mccauley
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OKay I wont bash Policmen...

 I got attacked by 2 thugs in uniforn.

I was walking ,yep they got me red handed walking.  Two of them pulled up next to me in their star cruisers and invited me to have conversation.

 I asked them what do you want to talk about. They said nothing we just want to talk.

I was in a hurry so I told them well if there is nothing specifik you want to talk about I will be on my way thank you.

I was polite and respectful too.

These two punks got out of their cars grabbed me and tried to handcuff me.

 After five minites of these weaklings trying to get my arms behind me they tazed me.

Then  hauled me off the their mancave ad charged me with assault.

What a joke So far I am out almost 13 grand for bail and lawyer fees.

 these are victims??? come on




Comment by GrandPoobah
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The current issue of Wired features organized crime. According to that article of 128 billion business per year done by OC, 100 billion is related to Heroine and Cocaine. Meth and marijuana are not mentioned. This kind of behavior can only be described by http://www.ultimateflame.com/ 

Comment by PureTrust
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Oh dear! Sorry about my sarcasm.

I forget the location in the United States Code - the Title and site - but I think it is in the area that talks about requirements for "hiring" for the military. When you read it and think about what it says, you will see that this is exactly the type of person that the military is required by law to hire.

This type of hiring has filtered down to the ranks of virtually all law enforcement. The only military that I am aware of that does not hire (recruit) according to those requirements is the Marines. Marines are actually looking for people who can think for themselves, and, maybe, follow the requirements of their Oath of Office.

Gene at TheAmericanRepublic.com might have the site on the tip of his tongue, since he and his people have searched out just about everything in the U.S. Code that there is to search out.

Probably, Marc Stevens would know, as well. If he doesn't, he would know where to look.

Comment by 4409
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 @PureTrust........I started laughing when I read your comment because I thought most people perceived that cops, ARE low-life, insecure, power-mongering, criminal types.

I still remember my mothers old saying.... "If you keep messing with a snake....your gonna get bit."

They keep poking, prodding, and stealing from ordinary common folk and when that reaches a boiling point it will be a recipe for disaster. Of course, the police will never acknowledge that it is there mere constant badgering of ordinary law abiding citizens that is causing most of their problems.

Here is something new....try leaving people the f%ck alone....but if the our nation building Military has not figured this out...I doubt local cops will.

Comment by oh really
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 I wonder if Oscar Grant knew "how good he had it" (before being executed).




Comment by PureTrust
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Give the people what they are asking for. Those of the police who are decent, good, helpful, courteous, and loving of their fellow citizenry, should quit, and get a job at a fast food place or something. This way the police jobs will be filled by the low-life, insecure, power-mongering, criminal types. Then the people will really see how good they have it now. 

Comment by blue duty
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yeah but how many cops were acting in self defense? cop bashing sites like this don't like to talk about that