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Five Stages of Regime Change

The treadmill of revolution goes round and round.

Denial: “Oh, that's not real. It's just a bunch of attention whores from the Internet emerging from their mothers' basements.”

- Discredit demonstrators
- Propagandize
- Mass arrests

Anger: “By god, that's enough! I command you to stop!”

- Tear gas, rubber bullets, water cannons
- Curfews
- Truncheons and live rounds
- Seize telecommunications and media outlets
- Military deployment to city centers

Bargaining: “I have heard your concerns and commit to making superficial changes.”

- Shuffling terrorcrats to different positions
- Calls for “restraint”
- Military forces given responsibility for street security
- Police forces dressed in civilian clothes sent to loot, terrorize, and create havoc

Depression: “Colonel, this is the President. I'm ready to go.”

- Private jets loaded with cash and gold depart without flight plans
- Military commanders take control until new (old) terrorcrats are sworn in

Acceptance: “We have issued an arrest warrant for the one terrorcrat that actually left the government.”

- Weak coalition of various authoritarian sociopaths announced
- Blanket amnesty granted to all but former dictator (who will never be pursued)
- Return to fascist control at next “election”
- Repeat in 20-30 years