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I was taking my Granddaughter to school this morning when I noticed these four ladies standing on 32nd Street just North of Indian School Road with signs in their hands.  I didn't get a chance to see what the signs were about and I wasn't sure what was in the small strip center they were in front of, so being the ardent activist and Editor of an online News Portal, I stopped on my way back home to find out.
As you can tell by the signs they were praying in front of a clinic of some kind in an attempt to raise awareness and end the practice of abortion (the killing of a foetus or infant in the process of gestation or being born), and to offer alternative assistance to anyone interested.  I introduced myself while taking pictures, and told them who I was and gave them some personal insight into my own personal history in regards to this very touchy subject.
It is my PERSONAL OPINION that abortion is murder.  I write this as a Feature Article of entirely my own composition, with photos that I took with mine own hands.  This is not written to generate any kind of vitriolic discussion on the 'merits' of making humans disposable.  It isn't here for you to jump up with the standard "what about rape and incest?" It is mainly to report that some people somewhere expressed their views and opinions on the street with signs in public; my opinion just happens to agree with theirs.  Had these ladies been there to PROMOTE abortion, I would have stopped, taken the same pictures, and reported on their activities, and added my own opinion on the issue as I have done here.
The nice lady named Sheila gave me her card stating "We are here with help and hope.  Call anytime 602-686-1815 Our Lady's Mantle".
It also had the following phone numbers at the bottom:
First Way  602-261-7522
Life Choices 602-305-5100
Option Line 1-800-395-4357
Then she gave me a flyer for 1st Way of Maricopa County, Inc.  After checking out the website, I see that all the information contained in the flyer is available there, so I didn't reproduce it for you here.
Their 24-hour hotline is 1-800-848-LOVE in case you happen to know someone in this delicate position, and wants to explore ALL options before making this LITERALLY 'LIFE OR DEATH' DECISION.
I prayed with the ladies, then hugged them all before departing to write this.  May God Bless them in their efforts.
Ed Vallejo, Editor