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Science of effective living: Dear God

Sermon: Creative process in action—Dear God!
In this sermon by Rev. Cynthia James, www.milehichurch.org , in Denver, Colorado, you will learn new concepts, new ideas and amazing lessons for living a productive, fearless and effective life.  You may hear Rev James’ humorous, insightful and compelling sermon by streaming that website.  You will laugh, cry and learn.  Mile Hi Church welcomes all faiths, all people and alternative lifestyles.
This week, Reverend Cynthia James presented—“Science of effective living: Dear God”,  a ‘new’ way of thinking about your spiritual life, physical life, relationship and work life.  You might name it ‘ancient wisdom’ amalgamated into ‘new thought’.  It stems from the teachings of  Dr. Ernest Holmes and his insightful book: The Science of Mind and Spirit. 
For those of you living in Denver, Colorado—you may discover the big white dome on the corner of Garrison and Alameda Ave just off 6th Avenue. Services run at 8: 00, 10:00 and 12:00 every Sunday morning.
Mile Hi’s vision statement: Oneness revealed, a world of love, peace and abundance for all. 
Our mission: To serve as a spiritual beacon for personal empowerment and global enlightenment.
Rev. Cynthia James stepped onto the stage wearing a flowing golden robe and swept back hair.  She’s not your ‘usual’ minister—having been a movie and TV star on such programs as “Days  of  Our Lives” and “MacGyver”. Today, she inspires and counsels a growing congregation of 15,000 at Mile Hi Church. 
“My message this morning,” she said, “has to do with what kids say and write when they address God.  Here are a few examples:  “Dear God, thank you for my baby brother, but I wanted a puppy!”
“Dear God, I am an American, what are you?”
“Dear God, are you really invisible or is it a trick?”
“Dear God, I find it very hard for you to love everybody in the world.  I only have four in my family and it’s nearly impossible!”
Sitting up front, I watched Rev. James’ demeanor  cascade from smirks, to grins, to chuckling to herself.  She used her hands and arms dynamically to emphasize her points to the congregation.  One second—she stood tall, and the next—she looked right at me with intensity and a moment later, at the whole front section of listeners.  She encouraged, enthralled and engaged.
On the large screen power point, Rev. James presented a pyramid that illustrated  the four levels of her dynamic understanding of  the “Kingdom of Consciousness.”
“Let’s talk about the four levels of the  “Kingdom of Consciousness”,”  she said. “Let’s start off  at the foundation with ‘To Me’.  Do you remember Jim Morrison of the Doors, Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix… they died at 28, 27, 27  years of age.”
They died early because they could not grasp their  inherent wholeness, their emerging humanity.  They became victims,  suppressing their pain .  Each stuffed themselves with drugs, extremes of behavior, finally overdoses.  Each would be living today had they recognized their worth.
The central victimizing message of ‘To Me’ consciousness:  life is happening to me!  I am in pain. I seek and find means to numb my feelings.   Food, busy-ness, incompatible relationships, sex, and compulsive buying portray the addictions of numbing. The  novelist Aldous Huxley wrote: The Doors of Perception in which he recapped a mescaline drug trip.  He explained  the emotional dilemma we all face via perceptions.
Rev. James said, “Our inner landscape says to ‘numb it with food, numb it with relationships.  Some part of you lives with thinking that something is wrong with you.  The truth is: you are a person with choice.”
At any place in your life, you may choose to opt out of victimhood.  You may choose another path.  You may choose to become healthy. You enjoy counselors, teachers, books and opportunities to shed the past ‘parent scripts’ and move toward individual happiness. 
Rev James said, “The next rising level is “By Me”, which means ‘I have created it all’.  Your stuff is who you are.  Your stuff represents your identity.  You have a personal ‘why’.  It’s all that you have felt about yourself.”
Rev. James noted that everything that anyone has—stems from their material things such as accolades, trophies, fancy cars, great clothes and other accoutrements.   Springing from that concept: “I am not inherently enough, so I ‘prove’ that I ‘am’ enough.”
“The higher reality, the third level, “Through Me” offers a new dynamic,” said Rev. James. “We are all important.  We all matter.  God needs us to show up in the manifest world.  Manifestation doesn’t always  look spiritual. How about Egypt in the past 18 days?  Social networking via Facebook changed the course of a nation. Egyptians demanded leaders who make billions of dollars to step down.  They would no longer tolerate that the rest of Egyptians lived on $2.00 per day with no food.
“Each of us sets our intentions to peace . We must make racism, sexism and discrimination fall—through our actions.  It’s up to us. We must speak up.”
At the top of the pyramid , “As Me”!  “We are  expressions of the wholeness of God on the planet,” said Rev. James.
As I hung on her words, it dawned on my mind that “As Me” means that I must get off my duff and take action. Everyone of us must stand up if we expect our civilizations  and all of humanity to change for the better.  Follow Gandhi’s, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
·        AS ME
·        THROUGH ME
·        BY ME
·        TO ME
·        Embrace who and where you are NOW!  Stand in your truth. Go inside and up! Meditate on who you are.  Accept yourself!
·        Embody the truth of your divinity.  You are a ‘light being’.  Practice your knowing.  You only get good at dancing by practicing dancing.
·        Express  your divinity by thought, word and deed.
“Rather than think you are a victim,” said Rev. James, “pray from that which you are. Claim from what you are! You are made from the essence of God energy.  You breathe God. God breathes you.” 
Affirmation: “Dear God, live as me.  You are all I see. I surrender and I open now.”
“Let’s call for a transformation on this planet beginning with yourself,” said Rev. James. “Breathe that in.”
Rev. James moved naturally into prayer, grounding the truth:
“God is harmony, peace, grace, joy—there is nothing outside of  that source. We are divine emanations of that creative energy.”
·        We let go with ease and grace
·        Struggle is not an option; God is here
·        We accept the truth of who we are
·        We dance God’s energy
·        We activate gratitude
At the close, Rev. James sang the rest of the prayer with her celestial, song-bird voice:
“I live for thee, I live for thee, I live for thee, oh God. 
“You live as me, you live as me, you live as me, oh God.
“You are the essence of my joy, your wisdom flows through me, you are the guiding light, and you are all I need.
“I walk with thee, I talk with thee, I live in thee, you live as me, oh God.”

Thom Lich led the congregation in song, “Gratitude before me, gratitude behind me, gratitude to the right of me, gratitude to the left of me, gratitude above me, gratitude below me, gratitude within me, gratitude all around me, I’m so grateful, I’m so grateful, I’m so grateful!”
And so it is!
In this sermon by Rev. Cynthia James, www.milehichurch.org , in Denver, Colorado, you will learn new concepts, new ideas and amazing lessons for living a productive, fearless and effective life.  You may hear Rev. James’ humorous, insightful and compelling sermons each Sunday by streaming that website.  You will laugh, cry and learn.  She is a brilliant theologian and 21st century spiritual leader. Mile Hi Church welcomes all faiths, all people and alternative lifestyles.