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UPDATED - "Why can't the feds get these guys?" - New Times Reader about Arpaio and Hen

UPDATED: see new links below, incl. a paper by the MCSO about the use and role of facial recognition technology at ACTIC, the Arizona fusion center network.
 Ref: New Times letter published Feb 24th
This same question has bewildered the editors and columnists at the New Times as well.  Under any normal circumstances, these guys would be indicted given the mountains of evidence.  So what's the gig?
"They're conservative." right?
The Obama administration and Nappy Napolitano are libs, right?  So they are natural opponents and Nappy Nap and BO should be all over Arpaio and Henderschott, right?  So, what's the problem?
The answer to this question is so obvious it's staring everyone in the face.  It's truly the pink elephant or 800 lb gorilla in the room.
However, the answer is so large and contrary to the sensibilities of the liberal ninnies at the Phoenix NT, they just can't digest it.
The answer is this.
Barack Obama is a fed.
Nappy Napolitano is a fed.
Got it?
Feds dont nab feds.  It's as simple as that.
The "liberal" feds will generate tons of media against the "conservative" feds.  They may even conduct a sham investigation resulting in more paper.  They may even conduct a sham trial.
The one certainty that you can BANK on is that Arpaio and Henderschott will not be fined and will never, ever, end up in jail.
Because feds don't nab feds.  Feds don't even nab ex-Feds who are working at the local level on Feds' programs.
If you're a righty, you're asking about now, "But wait!  Arpaio is a champion of states rights and one of the good guys!"
He's also ex-DEA and ex-CIA.  In other words: A FED.
Henderschott is ex-CIA: A FED.
Nappy Nap is - you got it - ANOTHER FED and always has been: federal district attorney, for example.
Further, the MCSO is tied up in tons of FED homeland security test programs and grants - not very "conservative".  Not pro-states-rights.  Not "patriot" at all!  In fact, quite the opposite: ANTI-states-right and ANTI-patriot.  In other words, quite lib.  Quite PRO-federal government!
In other words: FEDS.
Feds do not nab feds.  They may make noise, create paper, do press releases against each other, have a dance off, a yelling match, BUT....
... it's ALL IN THE FAMILY.  No one is going to jail.  No one is paying a fine.  Ever.
Stick that in yer pipe, Feathered Bastard!

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Comment by Anonymous
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 Why do I mention central and south America?  Because that's where these guys worked for the feds.  Once a fed ALWAYS a fed.

Comment by Anonymous
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 I noticed the most recent commenter addressed CIA connections and skipped over the DEA connections.

In south America and central America, do you presume a firewall exists between the two?  Or do they operate essentially as one and the same.

Comment by David Devine
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The level of antipathy towards Sheriff Joe & his 2nd in command (Henderschott) is only rivaled by the ignorance of the facts and an unseemly lack of gratefulness for 2 guys that are "watching your backside" when lesser agencies (read Napolitano) cannot or will not. #1. Dave Henderschott is NOT "ex-CIA." I've known him right out of the police academy. So the whole "Fed = Fed" theory falls by the wayside of believing lies or making things up as you go. #2. Can't address your CIA ties to the Sheriff, but I know for a fact that Henderschott has served as interim Chief of Police in at least one municipality when they needed one. After years of routine police work, he rose to become a MCSO detective...where he risked his life in multiple undercover ops to infiltrate organized crime in the County. Under a previous Sheriff, he was tasked with oversight of the county jail...where he had to make tough calls to protect prison staff from harm. As he told me then:"These people have families that expect me to insure that they'll (safely) come home at the end of their shift." That is why I'm grateful for men like Dave & Joe. Obviously, the vast majority of voters are grateful too. What the folks who fail to produce a better candidate for Sheriff can't do at the ballot box, they now try to "un-elect" through smear campaigns and prodding the Feds to "do something." If Freedom's Phoenix is just some pseudo-Libertarian front for the anti-American, pro-anarchy ilk of the New Times, then we can expect to read the rhetoric of the previous Comments, but I happen to think that there are a boat-load of liberty-loving, patriotic, yes...even gun-toting Americans that follow this website. They are the inspiration for this Comment. Thank you real Arizonans!
Comment by Hawkeye
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Take a hike Juan,

Comment by Temper Bay
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 Politics.  No, not just 'Republican' or 'Democrat' politics - but the whole slimey system.  It's like asking the James brothers and Dalton boys to investigate Billy the Kid.

Plenty of investigators want to go to work on these clowns but they're hampered by the parameters, restrictions, and budgets placed any investigation of political figures. 

If investigators had carte-blanche very possibly Joe and Fat Boy - and a whole lot of other politicans - would be sweating blood.