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Freedom: Loving Liberty or Licentious Anarchy?

By David A. McElroy 
March 5, 2011

Many cry for freedom and liberty, to survive and thrive outside the tyranny now posing as a democratic republic holed up in the District of Criminals. Many are laudably working to tear down the fascist corporate empire of the welfare/warfare police state and it’s mascot, Uncle Sam.  America must clean out the den of thieves on the Potomac, and bring traitors to justice soon. But after the anticipated revolution, how will we govern ourselves?

Will we practice a righteous self-governance with personal responsibility in liberty with loving respect for others, or will society become a licentious anarchy, a hedonistic lawless Mad Max kind of world? Or the techno fascist New World Order of total slavery with the Mark of the Beast? We must actively decide with vigilant hearts and alert minds to live free or die trying! It is better to die on your feet defending yourself than grovel at the feet of cruel slave masters. On what basis can humanity survive, thrive, and progress?

Liberty is a biblical theme. God told Pharoh via Moses, “LET MY PEOPLE GO!”  Our Liberty Bell is inscribed with words from Leviticus 25:10, “…proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof…”  The chapter also spoke of debt repudiation in a jubilee to free people from economic bondage. It was law in old Israel, and patriots of the American Revolution knew their biblical liberty principles well.
I personally consider myself a Christian libertarian of the Jeffersonian influence, a man honoring Christ as THE LIBERTARIAN, the principles of The Ten Commandments and the Declaration of Independence.  I am not a statist nor a partisan. However, I must refute many libertarians of the left, the anarchists, who only tear down corporate collectivism and traditional values yet offer no proposals for the future but to recommend we never initiate force or fraud while walking softly and carrying a big stick, preferably a 12 gauge.

Libertines bristle at suggestions  there is any morality all people would be wise to live within, even in a simple non-statist environment, say the laws of nature and nature’s God are tyranny. Often they deny God exists. They cannot separate the sins and corruptions of religious people and institutions from Holy God’s Law, and fail to grasp the Truth, the ground of all being. They prefer Darwin’s “survival of the fittest”, the Law of the Jungle. Buyer beware!

These libertines are lacking coherence in the larger structure of their arguments and refuse to engage criticisms targeting the logical inconsistencies of their own propaganda. This is why the official Libertarian Party is seen now as the “Republican Lite” party, soliciting the “Log Cabin“ homosexuals and other socially liberal sorts of Republicans nonplussed with the NeoCon GOP. Libertarians are oblivious to cancerous flaws in their body politic.

Many want the fiscal responsibility of Ron Paul, while embracing the licentious lifestyles of such as Barney Franks, Lady Gaga, or Charley Sheen. While they advocate no force or fraud against fellow humans, they deny the humanity of the unborn child to murder babies in legalized abortion for any reason, much as Africans were denied human status to keep them in slavery. Libertarians often supported pro-war Wayne Allan Root while protesting the military/industrial/police complex. Some libertarians even voted for Obama! They are loud and proud defending pornographers, “Gay Pride” and drag queens in claiming First Amendment rights, but strive mightily to shout down and exclude any Christian presence in public discourse, denying them the same rights. Libertines cannot tolerate a code of ethics in a public venue. Their tolerance is lawlessly intolerant.

I have even seen employers who were advocates of libertarian philosophy, yet did not want to extend that philosophy into the management of employees, even wanting to regulate their conduct off premises on their own time. Their concept of “free markets” is not entirely conducive to liberty for employees or customers. Look at what unrestrained banksters on Wall Street are getting away with! Buyer beware!  

Libertines and Marxists who deny any scientific evidence exists for a Supreme Being, or God, should know Dr. Paul Davies won the Templeton Prize for his mathematical proof for God’s existence in 1994. Now at Arizona State University, Davies says this is not evidence for the personality of God in the Holy Bible, and I agree. But recall science is only equipped to deal with quantitative analysis of empirical measures. It is like proving the existence of a human body with photos, weight, tissue samples and biometrics, but not being equipped to prove the person within. You only know the personality within by communicating with that person. Science can only study physics, General Revelation, in quantitative analysis of the material nature, as Davies does. Religion studies the personal Special Revelation in contemplative analysis of the spiritual nature, recorded in holy writ.

Libertines cannot bear to acknowledge God, or will simply say that all religions are held equivalent. It is the Globalist/New Age paradigm that dismisses history, logic and facts for the touchy-feely warm fuzzies charlatans peddle in “big tent” recruitments in various lucrative “seeker/sucker-friendly” religious carnivals. Emotions can overwhelm logic. We should Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts, and not accept a “Trojan Horse”.

God’s Ten Commandments for millenia served as the basis of good government, and were intended as law for the SELF-GOVERNANCE of every conscientious human being.  All were to observe these few and simple rules for responsible conduct, regardless of their social status or wealth.  These ten laws were the basis of a voluntary and constructive cooperative community promoting personal responsibility and private property rights, human dignity and the practices of Truth, Justice, and Liberty for all people. The basis of liberty and private property are entwined in the pursuit of happiness, as Thomas Jefferson knew. The concept of communal values and sharing in the biblical model is not to be confused with the coercive communist schemes of degrading collective socialism.

Yes, many religiously minded folks of honest but deluded intents, and outright frauds also,  have led whole congregations astray. They are held up as examples libertines use to unjustly discredit the Truth, the Way, and the Life of Jesus Christ. To his disciples, Christ declared “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 32:8  Many have hid behind the Lord’s cloak to speak falsely in Jesus’s name and mislead others for pleasure and profit seeking to indulge their egos. But these violations do not disprove or eradicate the immutable and absolute Truth of the Ground of Being we all stand upon. This rock I stand upon: Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, my Savior, the real Libertarian!

I could list each of the commandments and ask why decent people would object to such rules as “Thou shalt not steal,” or “Thou shalt not murder”, “Thou shalt not bear false witness,” etc.  These basic rules are esteemed almost universally. But of this sacred body of Law, it is the first few the ungodly find most objectionable. They never acknowledge God let alone embrace Him, the Absolute Immutable Eternal Truth of all reality. They always need a “fudge factor”, wiggle room for fraudulent thinking and doing. They cannot revere any name of God that might identify them with a certain code of ethics. Such cheerfully take His name in vain to express their disrespect, and often deliberately offend believers. Yet they bow before the altars of Mammon, Molech, and Lucifer as they worship lucre, sacrifice babies, entranced by the devil’s deceitful distractions of lust, envy, hatred, greed, pride, pleasure, and comforts without restraint. Their anarchist view of self-governance is reckless abandon and licentious debauchery.

People have imposed evil upon themselves exercising their God-given freedom of choice by choosing poorly repeatedly, ignoring God’s ten clear-cut rules Christ summed in the “Golden Rule“. Matthew 22:35-40  Adam and Eve had only one rule, and paradise was lost for breaking it. God gave Moses The Ten Commandments to rule Israel as a loose tribal confederation, but the priests had to insist on pharisitical (parasitical?) expansion upon the law in their stiff-necked desire to control all aspects of life. Israel chose statism with an earthly king over God’s kingship. I Samuel 8  For Christ’s blistering appraisal of how the Pharisees handled the Law, read chapter 23 in Matthew’s Gospel.

Claiming Western Law is based on The Ten Commandments inscribed upon the Supreme Court wall, we now have thousands of laws, statutes, regulations and rules. Are things any better for the proliferation of laws? Why could we not obey the simple ten? We have  desire to sin, or depart the Truth, the Way, and the Life and employ falsehoods, venture on uncertain paths, and pursue short-term rewards that in the long term lead to death of mind, body, and soul. Sin destroys individuals, families, and communities.  Sin degrades dignity and health, destroys humanity.  Self-governance, when exercised with cognizance and wisdom will cause one to value truth and, as needed, REPENT! God does not rule to suppress souls, but to lead them to survive and thrive in love, peace and abundance.

Those who acknowledge no truth are lost in falsehoods. Those with no code of ethics are like rudderless ships heeding no helmsman, fools, predators and prey. Small minds are the most prideful, and “pride goeth before a fall.” Let go of ego and grow in God’s grace!
Anarchy is chaos, and always, order arises out of chaos. In what order do we self-govern?

Just like the patriots of the American Revolution, I will have NO KING BUT JESUS!