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Science of effective living: power of patience

Creative process in action: Science of effective living
In this series of sermons by Dr. Roger Teel, , in Denver, Colorado, you will learn new concepts, new ideas and amazing lessons for living a productive, fearless and effective life.  You may hear Dr. Teel’s humorous, insightful and compelling sermons each Sunday by streaming that website.  You will laugh, cry and learn.  He’s a brilliant theologian and 21st century spiritual leader. Mile Hi Church welcomes all faiths, all people and alternative lifestyles.
His latest sermon -- “Science of effective living: Power of Patience”, Dr. Teel presents a ‘new’ way of thinking about your spiritual life, physical life, relationship and work life.  You might name it ‘ancient wisdom’ amalgamated into ‘new thought’.  It stems from the teachings of Dr. Ernest Holmes and his insightful book: The Science of Mind and Spirit. 
Mile Hi’s vision statement: Oneness revealed, a world of love, peace and abundance for all. 
Our mission: To serve as a spiritual beacon for personal power and global enlightenment.
Dr. Teel said, “My topic today:  The Power of Patience!  I’m reminded of a couple of gold fish in a tank …one holds a baseball bat with a look of terror on his face. The other fish holds a catcher’s mitt as he looks at a gaping hole in the side of the fish tank.  [laughter from the audience]
“We sometimes knock ourselves out of the park with our impatience. We see an erosion of our work through our impatience.  ‘Patience’ is idling your motor when you’d rather cram it into gear and peel out. 
“Have you ever seen people with patience that realize that great things in life go bit- by-bit, that they unfold slowly?  Look at nature: it took millions of years for the Grand Canyon to form.  It takes a redwood 2,500 years to reach 300 feet.
“A new skill takes days, weeks and months to learn. Oh, yes, I know you’re impatient on a number of things.  I dislike waiting in line at the grocery store.  I dislike being backed up in traffic.”
At that point, everyone in the congregation nodded their heads in agreement.  Most  humans in Western countries enjoy ‘instant’ everything in the 21st century—so, when they get caught in traffic or a long grocery store line or waiting for the rest room to clear—they experience anxiety, tension and impatience.  Bumper-to-bumper big city traffic sees many people blowing their emotional gaskets.   People send other driver’s the one-fingered salute, blow their horns and scream at others inside their cars—as if it does any good. How about the old lady that takes 30 items into a “10 item express lane”? Grumble, grumble, nasty thoughts! Come on! You’re guilty!
“I’m talking about a growing sense of impatience with our lives,” said Dr. Teel. “About our healing, our advancement and our loved ones.
“Impatience causes unresolved issues and also, spiritual opportunities. Do you realize how fast our technology advances?  One day, my son Justin brought home a stereo system.  He cranked it up with his favorite heavy metal band and I took the remote and turned it to another station. He turned it back to the heavy metal channel. I remoted it back to a more ‘normal’ station.  This went on for awhile when Justin, fully frustrated, yelled out, “What a piece of junk! It won’t hold a station!”
“I told him that I was the culprit!” said Dr. Teel.
While Dr. Teel may have experienced challenges with his ‘heavy metal’ son or vice versa, we all experience forces that interfere with our own good, our own dreams, and our own aspirations. Why should we have our progress impeded?  Anything that means something of worth to us should be realized, shouldn’t it? 
That’s where idea, endeavor, action and perseverance come into play.
“Peace, plus poise plus patience equals power!” said Dr. Teel. “It’s a very subtle power that’s spiritually based.
“The problem with patience is that we want our needs met immediately.  What we need is patience, power and constancy.  Let’s look at these three concepts:
Quality of Constancy
“To develop patience, we can govern it,” said Dr. Teel.  “We live in the infinite ability of the divine.  Causal forces emerge.  We live in the lap of abundance. It is centered where I am. Practice day by day—joy, peace, creativity, abundance.
“We try to get things by exposing our consciousness. We demonstrate consciousness.  Do I have consciousness to hold and accept the good? 
“Raymond Charles Barker started the Science of Mind at the Lincoln Center in New York City.  Once, he heard a lady socialite demand, “Get me a man!”  He arranged for her to meet a good man.  A year later, she yelled, “Now get rid of him!” [laughter from the congregation]
“Which brings me to this,” said Dr. Teel. “You must grow to be worthy of your dreams. Do you work to move your dream to form?  Do you work on you so you can grow your dream?  Do you face what’s in the way?  You must become an outlet for the constancy of the concept.  Live in the sufficiency of creative outlet and action.  All things in the universe conspire for your good.”
Constancy of Trusting
“Think like a farmer when he plants his seeds,” said Dr. Teel. “Be guided and trust that the seeds will manifest into plants.  Remember Thomas Edison?  He tried 1,000 different materials until he succeeded with tungsten in the incandescent light bulb that brought lights to  the world at night.  How about Rod Serling of the “Twilight Zone”?  He failed and failed and failed until he succeeded.”
I sat there thinking of my own affirmations in my office. One from Winston Churchill, the great British statesman said, “Success means going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” 
Henry David Thoreau said, “If you advance confidently toward your dreams, and endeavor to live the life which you have imagined, you will meet with success unexpected in common hours.  You will pass through invisible boundaries. New and liberal laws will manifest in you, and you will live with the license of a higher order of beings.” 
Wayne Dyer said, “By passionately believing what doesn’t exist, you create it.”
“Keep on trusting,” said Dr. Teel. “Even if it feels like you are failing.   God’s delays are not God’s denials.”
As I sat there, with my own frustrations after having worked for decades on the human overpopulation issue, I wondered why ‘God’ hadn’t responded to my intentions.  I see God as the ‘emerging creative energy of the universe’ and it  works through its own laws.  I attempt to engage those laws every day, but for decades I have not seen results.  It led me to a question that many must ask, “When will God manifest my dreams and intentions?”  If God’s delays prove only momentary, I wonder how many more years I must accept the delays.
It did remind me of an old rabbi who said, “It is not yours to finish the task; but it is not yours to leave off.”
“Keep moving forward in trust,” said Dr. Teel. “Knowing that all things are working together for your highest good.”
Constancy of Expectancy
“Keep cheerful expectancy,” said Dr. Teel. “Something good is trying to happen in your life always. Expect remarkable and interesting expressions of divine good fortune.  You are an inner winner!”
Dr. Teel related the story of the aging race car driver Al Unser. He arrived at the Indy 500 one year without a car or sponsor.  Some other driver crashed, so they gave Unser the car to fill the needs of the team for lap money.  They predicted four other drivers to win the race, but, in the end, those drivers suffered blown engines, blown tires and other problems.  Finally, at the end, Unser took the checkered flag by a few seconds over the favorite driver.
When asked if he was surprised about winning his 4th Indy 500 race, he said, “No, I came here to win this race.”
“Take Unser’s statement as your own inspirational wings,” said Dr. Teel.
Let us pray, “The source of all creation is all good. It’s all infinite. It moves me to press forward.  I am creative mind in action. I am the joy of being.  I am ready to spread my wings. This day, the seeds are planted.  I affirm and know that the pattern of  my deep believing will guide me to my unlimited good.  I stand in peace; stand holding my vision, using divine patience. I desire and anchor in my mind, and release it to creative constancy knowing that it is done, and so it is.”
The singer Loren stepped forward: “Gratitude before me, gratitude behind me, gratitude to the right of me, gratitude to the left of me, gratitude above me, gratitude below me, gratitude within me, gratitude all around me, I’m so grateful, I’m so grateful, I’m so grateful!”
And so it is!
In this sermon by Dr. Roger Teel, , in Denver, Colorado, you will learn new concepts, new ideas and amazing lessons for living a productive, fearless and effective life.  You may hear Dr. Teel’s humorous, insightful and compelling sermons each Sunday by streaming that website.  You will laugh, cry and learn.  He is a brilliant theologian and 21st century spiritual leader. Mile Hi Church welcomes all faiths, all people and alternative lifestyles.

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