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I just posted a short animated video on YouTube, having to do with the realities of "taxation." It's simple, fairly short, and slightly silly, but so far it's been a big hit. 

The video illustrates the ridiculousness of the situation we're in, but many people, including those who call themselves pro-freedom, still fail to accurately explain why things are that way. Before I chime in with my two hyperinflated cents, I wanted to give everyone else a chance to watch it and try to explain it.

Click on the image below to watch it.

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Comment by PureTrust
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I was hungry the other day, but I didn't have any food in the house. The wife was gone on a trip, and hadn't done the grocery shopping before she left. I had plenty of money, so I hopped in the car to go shopping, but the car wouldn't start. I ended up walking, but it occurred to me, what good is money?

While I like to have my share of money around, what I am really after is the FOOD and other items it can buy. If I could have all the stuff of life without money, it would be so much easier.

Social Security and Medicare are like that. The people don't want SS & M. None of them want it. They want the benefits that SS & M provide.

If people knew that it was Government and the banks who manipulated the economy so that that people barely received enough benefits through SS & M, if they knew that there many fat cats in the medical and Government who are getting rich by legally pilfering SS & M funds right out from under the people, everybody would want to get rid of SS & M so that they could keep more of the money, more of the benefits themselves.

Nobody really wants Social Security and Medicare. They just don't know it, because they don't know how they are being screwed by SS & M. Watch the video again, and keep this in mind when you do.

Comment by Jeff Oooooo
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This video is true "IF" people are educated as to the facts on how their government has screwed them. I have condensed my info for about 10 years. Most people can learn what I know in a few weeks (or maybe months if they are lazy).
GOOGLE: "America has been hacked and hijacked"
 ...  once you get there. Start at the top and work your way to the bottom. See 7 issues proving my statement. See 2 videos on the cumulative effect. ALSO see PG#9, PG#3 & PG#8

Comment by Mama Liberty
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Children have been taught for the last 200 years, probably, that the "state" is worthy of worship, and few question that as long as their lives are not too difficult. And this is so deep that most people don't see it, let alone question it. When things get bad, they simply think they can elect "better people" and fix the problem, at least temporarily.

Have you ever talked to people about the mess of the "public schools?" Many, if not most, will agree that there is a terrible problem and that children are not learning what they should - BUT they will defend to the death the idea that THEIR children go to a GOOD school, with teachers who REALLY CARE, etc. It's all those OTHER schools that are the problem, not the one in their neighborhood.

The same thing often applies to THEIR city, state or political party. Yes, things are in a mess, but the people THEY look to or associate with are ok, not part of the problem really... and so it goes. Very few are willing to see the big picture and face the fact that a new set of tyrants will make no difference in the end.

I can see no solution to the mess unless people accept full ownership and responsibility for their lives and property. Only then will the "right people" have control... over themselves and nobody else.

Comment by GrandPoobah
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What a clever piece of commercial BS. While I usually abjure name calling, it seems appropriate here. This is a clever animation  filled with outright lies (how many of those 100 million really do NOT want SS & Medicare?) and half truths designed, not to get people to think, but to sell a book. Said book is probably also full of lies and 1/2 truths, but I will never know because I would not read a book that is being sold by such BS. If this simplistic and mostly false video tends to make Mr. Roses' head explode, well, that says something about Mr. Rose.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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They have to kill you for this.  LMAO  Balls the size of church bells.  Wow!

Of course besides the IRS, you have the incredible combined enforcement force of all the governments who claim dominion over the tax paying multitude, and all the government employees out there and all the corporations dependent ranging from entirely to a large part feeding on the taxpayer's tit provided by the governments.  Then that multitude shifts in size radically --- still majority but probably somewhere in neighborhood of 4/7ths vrs 3/7ths them.

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