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Does anyone wonder why the U.S. Congress and the last four presidents, including Obama, refuse(d) to enforce America’s immigration laws and borders?
Answer: the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, manufacturing, farming, retail, construction, hotels, restaurants and food processing concerns thrive on 21st century slave labor.    You can see the results of their law-breaking in every fast food joint, construction site, farming operation, meat processing plant, restaurant and ski resort across the country.
Those powerful interests do not want to hire honest workers, pay taxes, see an amnesty or any kind of enforcement of law within the United States.  Why?  Too much money being made by the elites!
As the author William Lederer said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”
When you watch our nation spiral into unimaginable $14 trillion in debt while it languishes for 10 years in two useless and unwarranted wars—we Americans continue re-electing the same bunch of cronies that placed us into this mess. 
Why in the name of common sense and rational decision-making did the people of Nevada re-elect the incompetence and corruption of  U.S. Senator Harry Reid, or Arizona’s John McCain, or Colorado’s Mark Udall, or New York’s Charles Schumer?  
They clearly failed in their work for 10 to 30 years in the Congress!  They put us where we sink today.
With 15 million Americans unemployed and 43 million subsisting on food stamps, wouldn’t you think those Congressional leaders would stop eight to ten million illegal aliens from holding down full time jobs—just by enforcing our employment laws?  Wouldn’t you expect them to bring manufacturing jobs back to America by instituting Fair Trade rather than continue with Free Trade?  It’s too simple isn’t it?
How can we stop the illegal invasion of our country?   Why don’t we?  Answer: a few people in big places make huge money while the rest of us subsidize the invasion at $346 billion annually. (Source:  www.TheSocialContract.com, Edwin Rubenstein Report)  The rest of America with a job could care less about the rest of us without a job.
The simplest, most effective avenue for stopping illegal immigration: mandatory E-Verify for all employers.  Arrest, prosecution and hard time for non-compliers!  It’s quick, easy and works.
It should be a slam dunk!  But our Congress and states dance, juke and avoid implementing it with their collective power.  They vote against it.  They vote for destruction of America’s middle class.
But we keep electing them!  Are we nuts or what?  Are we stupid?  Are we too apathetic?  Do we just not care about the future of our children?
I mean, our Congress and president allow close to $100 billion in drugs to cross over our borders annually.  That’s a heck of a cash transfer for the last 40 years of the Drug War.  We’ve paid $80 billion a year since 1971 for the War on Drugs.  Result: drugs remain easily available, cheap and in unlimited quantities in 2011.  Forty years later and a trillion dollars and our tax dollars haven’t stop a single drug and millions of drug sales within our country.
Heaven only knows what the costs in drug rehab, deaths and prison sentences cost us!  
Ya think we might do something different?  Duh! Dumb and dumber! 
We suffer a $700 billion a year trade deficit, but do you think Congress or this president would move toward Fair Trade, i.e., China sells us a billion dollars in products and we sell China a billion. Voila! Equal trading partners and Americans enjoy being employed!  Tax coffers filled with working Americans!  What a concept! 
We maintain 570,000 military personnel on 700 bases around the world in 120 countries at a cost of trillions.  For what?  As our own infrastructure decays into oblivion, why are we nation-building Iraq and other countries at $12 billion a month?
With 15 million unemployed Americans, why are we importing 225,000 immigrants with green cards every 30 days without end?  Are we nuts or just plain crazy?
Will Obama, McCain, Levin, Schumer, Pelosi, Boxer, Udall, Bennett, Rubio and the rest of that band of public servants give a thought to serving our citizens in our country?
McCain spent $21 million  just to get reelected for the umpteenth time in his vainglorious forever senate career. 
Will Congress serve us?  No!  Those members serve the drug cartels, the illegal alien employers, the Chinese, the Mexicans, the illegal alien anchor baby mothers and, well, just about everyone else but us, the American people!
Will it change?  Ha, ha!  You have got to be kidding!  I can see a major depression within two to three years.  I can see an enormous breakdown of our financial system that we will break our country.  We will manifest a depression that will make 1929 look like a grade-school picnic.
Can we change course?  Will we?  Probably not!  Congress and the elites will ride this country down to its knees and then, drive it into a grave.  Yet, here are ideas to change course:
·        Moratorium on all immigration
·        Fair Trade instead of Free Trade
·        Pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan
·        Cease the Drug War and try something new
·        Engage massive conservation efforts in energy
·        Engage massive recycling programs in metals, glass, plastics and resources
·        Elect members of Congress that will serve us
·        Term limits for all of congress maximum of 10 years
·        Recall our current president for gross incompetence
·        Your idea?
This Republican form of government is not a spectator sport. Get involved!

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Comment by Frosty Wooldridge
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Larken, point well taken. Excellent point.  I invite you to tell it to the 15 million Americans unemployed while 8 million illegal aliens hold down full time jobs, and as their numbers suck up $346 billion of your tax dollars annually.  At some point, we need some kind of even ground and lawful order. Without it, we continue with anarchy at every level.  Thanks, FW


Comment by Larken Rose
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Two people voluntarily trading is not "slavery." Whether or not they have the permission of politicians to trade makes no difference morally. "Taxation," on the other hand IS slavery, as it is the labor of one being forcibly stolen for the benefit of someone else. Trading with a so-called "illegal" is perfectly moral, even if the control freaks declare it to be a crime. And "taxing" the "illegal," or someone trading with him, constitutes immoral theft. We have met the enemy, it is our own delusional belief in "authority" and "government." Remove that delusion, and you will see reality. Until then, you will call mutually voluntary interaction "slavery," and you will call robbery "the law." Until you lose The Most Dangerous Superstition, you will keep cheering for tyranny in the name of freedom. Gack.