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The Insurgency to Break Up the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Has Begun

The powers that be will do ANYTHING to stop this movement.  Currently, one of their tactics is to run another "Bob Barr" against Ron Paul in 2012.  Another tactic is to get people who appear to be pro RP to sew doubt and insert wedges between us.  Here we go! hosts David Nalle, Chairman of the RLC and anti-Ron Paul activist on their money bomb show today.
Note what's breaking from the grassroots on
News from the RLC: Let's stop the Johnson/Paul Infighting
(Guess who STARTED the infighting?!?)
RLC Supporting Gary Johnson and Bashing Ron Paul and the
Why is Dave Nalle a Guest During Ron Pauls Money Bomb Today? He has been Bashing Ron Paul for Years!
What we are seeing here is the KOCHTOPUS at work!!! exposes the Gary Johnson/Koch Brothers connection

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