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Free trade cheating American workers: how about fair trade?

You have to wonder what 535 Congress critters do all day other than “sex-texting” pictures to their constituents.  Thankfully, the latest pervert of Weiner-gate resigned yesterday to give us all a breath of fresh air. 
The question remains as to how so many in power can be so completely morally bankrupt—and still show their faces in public. Cheating on your wife is no different than cheating on your country.
Congress cheats on American citizens everyday they are in session. They lie, carry on bogus wars and cheat every taxpayer 24/7.
They cheat the American worker with “Free Trade” because it’s killing our standard of living and quality of life.  They flood us with 200,000 legal immigrants every 30 days while 15 million of us stand in unemployment lines and food stamp lines.
 Barry McKenna, president of Mckenna Service Company, Mundelein, Illinois has something to say about it:
“Most of our miss-Representatives in Washington DC suffer from “Potomac Fever,” McKenna said. “The special interests & the Greedy have bought and paid for these guys 1,000 times over.  
The Nation is in a financial ''MELTDOWN'' and all these imbeciles are worried about is their image, and seeking ''re-election'' campaign ''BRIBES''.
“Their focus is about whether to place a “cap” on how much more money we can waste on government programs that do not work versus real issues that will both balance our budget and create jobs, which create taxes, which will balance the budget:
1)      Bring all our troops home from ''everywhere'' (Save two Billion DOLLARS per week.)
2)      Drill Baby Drill... (Eliminate our dependency on foreign oil and at the same time create 100,000 new jobs)
3) Lessen the over-reach on American business by ''OSHA & the EPA (this will help us be more competitive in the ''world'' markets)
4)      Cancel our NAFTA agreements. (I can still hear that sucking sound of American Jobs going especially to Mexico)
5) Place a dollar cap on the amount of goods China can import to the USA. and/or make the playing field more equal by using the dollar for dollar THEORY.   FOR EVERY DOLLAR CHINA EXPORTS TO THE USA, THEY MUST ACCEPT AN EQUAL DOLLAR AMOUNT OF AMERICAN GOODS EXPORTED FROM THE USA TO CHINA. (This will create the 20,000,000 jobs we lost to China) and generate both new taxes but also get this stalled economy moving again. And just think we didn’t have to spend one single dime extra of taxpayer money to accomplish this!
“Some sobering information,” said McKenna. “Most of us in the manufacturing sector are living this day to day and have been preaching about it as well.

“Trying to get Washington to listen is impossible.  We know because most of us have written countless letters, visited our Reps and Congress people, invited them to our plants, sent them studies like the ones sited here, and even traveled to DC to plead our case (America's case).
“But, all of the above has been to no avail!  Can these Representatives be that "stupid"? One really has to wonder.  How can anyone with a pulse not read this type of hard data and not see what is going on and then look around them.

“How can they not see the damaging effects of making everything someplace else? Shame on the multinational corps and their self interests! Shame on Washington! Many in the U.S. are nearly killing themselves trying to compete and the whole time our own government is working against us.

“If I had my way, they'd all be tried for treason.”

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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How about government stay the hell out of business.   No friggin subsidies, taxes, regulations, quotas, tariffs, rules, limits, inspections, zip/zero/nada.  Then there actually will be a free market and the consumers can regulate the market by their decisions.  

 The only government would be civil courts for breach of contract and products not meeting specifications (which is breach of contract).  And we could even get rid of this government with binding arbitration and insurance on contracts. 

What?  Afraid of the competition?  No balls, no babies.

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