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Afghanistan and Iraq: where the American empire dies

History clearly shows that all empires collapse. They fail. They die.  They cease to exist because they overextend themselves in wars, in debt, in borrowing and in loss of a comprehension of reality.
Today, the United States embroils itself in three wars that sap and bleed the life blood out of its people, its financial foundation and its understanding of reality.  Who created the war in Iraq and Afghanistan?    Was it 9/11?  Was it bin Laden who demanded we leave Muslim lands long before 9/11 or was it the Military Industrial Complex that continues to maintain a strangle hold on Congress and the last two presidents? 
What on earth gave George Bush the right to savagely attack a sovereign nation like Iraq with no evidence whatsoever of a threat to the United States?  The 9/11 gang came from Saudi Arabia.  How did he maneuver the American people to support such insane violence of his famous “Shock and Awe” campaign?  Why is it after 10 years and nothing but death to show for it—the current president continues to spend $12 billion a month of borrowed money to carry on such death and destruction in Iraq and Afghanistan? What incredible immorality!
Why do they pretend success is just around the corner?  Why do they want our troops to stay because they don’t want all those deaths to be in vain?  Have they ever thought about adding more deaths in vain such as what happened in Vietnam?  To date: 6,049 dead American kids in those wars.  Over 100,000 people dead in Iraq!  It’s just sickening beyond understanding.
Now that bin Laden suffered a head shot…why didn’t they kill him five, six, seven or eight years ago?   Is it possible that Congress wanted a “reason” to remain in Afghanistan?  Why do we continue in Afghanistan, a backward tribal country that defeated the British, the Russians and now, the Americans with little more than guerilla warfare?  Why do we waste one more single American young man or woman?  What’s the point?
Somebody or some entity or some corporation holding unlimited financial power that avoids rational thinking and ignores the will of the American people-----continues the wars in the Middle East.  It dupes the American people into compliance.  It may be the Military Industrial Complex.  It may be this president that enjoyed the Nobel Peace Prize shoved into his pocket by a world crying for peace.
But the wars continue with no end in sight.  Moms and dads offer their children up to the war machine like sheep to the slaughter, like human sacrifices, like so much unwanted chattel.  You see 99 percent of Americans going about their daily lives without even a mention of the wars—but those wars continue killing human beings on both sides—all for nothing.
Henry Kissinger, a man I despise from the Vietnam War era (along with Robert McNamara) said, “Soldiers are dumb pawns. Military men are just dumb, stupid, animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” Henry Kissinger was Secretary of state under Nixon and Chinese trade negotiator while American soldiers were dying in Vietnam. 
Senator John McCain said in his stump speeches when he ran for the presidency, “We must fight on toward final victory in Afghanistan.”  What a bunch of verbal garbage.
Nixon and Johnson killed over two million people in Vietnam and slaughtered 58,300 young American kids. The “Silent Majority” remained silent throughout all that killing for 10 years.  Finally, the college kids of my generations screamed, “Hell no, we won’t go!”
President James Madison said:   "If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy. Of all the enemies to public liberty, war is perhaps the most to be dreaded because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies; from these precede debts and taxes; and armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few. The loss of liberty at home is to be charged to the provisions against danger, real or imagined, from abroad."
Our country bleeds to death daily on a thousand fronts because powerful men in Congress and this president refuse to look at reality.  Instead of correcting our educational systems that fail our children, they choose war.  Instead of stopping mass immigration that’s buckling the fabric of our civilization, they choose war.  Instead of undertaking solutions to solve our ominous energy crisis, they choose war.  Instead of giving the truth to the American people, they do everything to obfuscate and cloud the “why” of remaining in three wars.  Instead of serving and honoring our finest young men and women who chose to serve their country, our Congress and this president do not serve our young men and women. Instead of honoring their service, the members of Congress use those kids as pawns as mentioned by Kissinger.
The American empire cannot continue and it will not continue.  We failed the world and we failed ourselves by allowing our Congress and the past two presidents to act in the most reprehensible  and immoral manner to bring about so much death and destruction 10,000 miles away.
We have killed tens of thousands, we have bombed their lands, we have created 2.5 million refugees, we have polluted their soils and we have left them in chaos. 
Cost to us?  After the Vietnam War, a veteran MD wrote a book showing that 175,000 to 200,000 American combat troops came home with their minds scrambled and committed suicide.  The projections for the two current wars show 100,000 suicides will be committed by veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.  That doesn’t count the endless stream of drug use, alcoholism and ruined marriages along with horribly emotionally damaged children.
How can so much human misery on such a scale be tolerated and accepted by Americans? 

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Comment by Anonymous
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Uh, not exactly true.” – says TL Winslow. Of course nothing could be farther from the truth. What can be true out of lunacy? You tried very hard to educate a hopeless innumerate, but you have wasted your time.  I tried too like you did [trying to help the likes of him … to wake them up to reality] – but it didn’t work. should have done something long time ago – protect the reading public by filtering if not expurgating his fear-mongering neurosis if not mental excretions in writing detrimental to the truth of whatever he touches … not good to the general health of the public. No one can make a sense out of a juvenile adult down in Elmer Street who hates America so intensely more than Al Qaeda does, and despises global population, specifically American immigrants more than his mother-in-law.



Comment by TL Winslow
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"History clearly shows that all empires collapse. They fail. They die. They cease to exist because they overextend themselves in wars, in debt, in borrowing and in loss of a comprehension of reality."

Uh, not exactly true. Take the Roman Empire for instance. When it was expanding it was growing stronger and more stable every year. If only they had taken Germania, we might all be speaking Latin now and wearing togas. What keeps empires alive is a strong military that can't be defeated, and the rest is b.s. The Roman Empire reached its summit in the age of the Antonines, which ended with Marcus Aurelius, and began collapsing as soon as it stopped expanding and began getting sliced and diced by invaders. Christianity played a large role in causing a civil war with the pagans that tore it to pieces and left it easy meat for the pesky German hordes, who adopted Christianity but the wrong kind, Arianism, which the Church declared to be heresy, making it impossible to save the empire by accepting them as citizens, which they tried anyway, and didn't last the century. I know, I was there in 476 when they told the kid emperor Romulus Augustus to take the palace and the pension and he couldn't sign the throne away fast enough. By then the former Roman masters were now the slaves, taking orders from illiterate Germans who had all the weapons, while they had all the education and culture and togas but had to be frisked every time they went to the loo, which is where they stole Planet of the Apes from. In other words, the Roman Empire fell when its military became kaput because it was run by non-Romans.

When it comes to the U.S., there's no way that our foreign adventures in the Middle East constitute empire building, because they fail to do what's needed, namely, take the Quran away from the children and stop the cycle that maintains a so-called Muslim world that's not a part of the human race but seething with hate and lusting to take us over and shove the Quran on our children. We need a new generation in the Middle East that uses the Quran for buttwipe and prefers sex, drugs, and rock & roll, and tells their old fart parents and shove it.

Was there a secret agenda for invading Big Rock and Say Again? If you say it's about oil then after all the costs you mentioned of blood and guts and treasure, it's mighty expensive oil. In Iraq we really must have been asleep because Russia and other countries keep getting the oil leases, e.g.:

When it comes to Afghanistan, of course there's the $3 trillion in mineral wealth. But how do our zillions of expenditures get us a hold on one shovelful when as soon as we pull out the Taliban will be back in? Only this time we have educated them to be global jihadists who will spend the trillions on terrorism and have plenty of reasons to justify it in their unforgiving minds poisoned by the Quran. The very word Taliban means Students of the Quran. If we were going to take on the Taliban then we had to invade Pakistan too, and plan on occupying both it and every other Muslim country for a generation to insure that the children don't imbibe the Quran, else it was a non-starter, like Vietnam, so the sooner we pull out of Afghanistan the better, if we're not staying there just so we can support the invasion of Iran. Meanwhile we gotta know that the Taliban is aiming to get their hands on Pakistan and its nukes, whadya going to do about that?

On the other hand, none of our opt-in military adventures are really wars, we're not being invaded, and the distant operations aren't threatening to collapse the U.S., so Frosty is as premature as them anti-Sharia scaremongers in Okla. They're just adventures, we start them, we end them when we don't want to have any more adventure. Just like with Vietnam, the personnel losses in Iraq and Afghanistan are way lower than traffic deaths, there is no military draft yet they found a lot of willing volunteers and avoided the mass demonstrations, and a lot of the money spent went into military salaries and expenditures for U.S. defense companies, so it's not like pouring money into the ocean. Yes, all war is horrible and many will come home as walking wounded or living dead, but in case our country really needs to defend itself we will have a whole generation of battle-hardened experienced troops, which might make the difference.

That said, it was one of the biggest mistakes in U.S. history to invade Iraq and topple Sodamn Insane when as we now see Islam has a history, and his mean dictatorial regime was doing us a favor by keeping Iran and its fifth column Iraqi Shiites at bay, just like the Winston Churchill generation of Brits who weren't history ignoramuses set up. When we leave, Iraq will become Iran's road to Israel via Saudi Arabia, the plans are in the 10th version and they are even filming soundbytes for the victory dances, watch Bahrain and Yemen, they're the initial skirmishes. If we had left Sodamn in power, he and his sons would have kept Iran at bay for decades, now it's just a matter of weeks, months, or a few years after we pull out and they will topple the Yankee-backed Iraq govt., massacre anybody who supported it, if they don't flee that is, along with all Sunnis and Kurds, and set up an Iraqi grand assaholah, maybe even unite Iraq to Iran to create a super Shiite state, the biggest pile of Shiite ever seen.

After the Shiites get nukes, and missiles to deliver them anywhere they want as far as London, and the super allied Sunni-Shiite army begins to surround tiny outnumbered Israel and prepare for Operation Jewaroasta, Israel will call on us to save them, and the costs will make our previous adventures seem like summer vacations.

If you want to talk about the fall of the U.S., yes, Bush has done far more to make it possible than any previous president, since he could have left I and A alone and just asked me where Osama was and I would have said within 50 mi. of Islamabad look for a big house with a high fence near a military academy and send me the $25 million reward. Now with Obama we are just wasting our opportunity to invade Iran and nip it all in the bud. Because of the Sunni-Shiite thing, the rest of the Muslim world won't complain if we do it, and yes, there's the pesky U.N., but even they now admit that Iran's likely building nukes, so they might okay another fake Allied mission that's really all us.

People like Frosty can complain about that also, but the alternative of seeing Israel closed in on and an all-out U.S. military mobilization including a draft and wartime economy complete with massive protests and civil disobedience are far worse. Meanwhile China waits in the wings for the West to waste itself fighting the Muslim world so they can walk in and take over everything, look at their shenanigans in Libya and even in Latin America. That's why they never proffer any advice to Bush, Obama, or any U.S. leader, since they are just the kind that would indeed create an empire if they could and just seize Arab oil and keep it for their giant pop. after setting up a Commie puppet regime in the Middle East that claims it was their idea. Them atheist Chinese are pretty immune to all theistic religions, and even those who might entertain the idea of a God won't go for the Quran since it don't translate too good to Chinese, especially that part about the divine rights of the descendants of some Mesopotamian bum called Abraham descended from Adam and Eve.

In short, America has to have an "empire" or we will lose our military superiority, and die for real. No large military can be maintained in isolation anymore, but has to have its tentacles spread worldwide to function, precious metals, satellites, naval and air bases, it's not cheap but we've always been able to afford it. But Islam is resurging and unless it's stopped we're on the losers team, so why make our grandkids do it, let's do it now when we can still get Chinese support, it's them that might get the idea of doing it without us so they can end up owning the Middle East.

Screw the current generation of lame Islam ignoramus media and politicians and leaders, they're ostriches, I run the eagle corps. My Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam is the best plan on the table, but it requires kibitzers like Frosty to bite the bullet and accept that an all-out generation-long war will be required with India and China as allies, and after the Muslim world finally dissolves and rejoins the human race, there will be a new world order where hopefully nobody has an empire anymore, even us. Yes, Israel will survive and the high Jewish birthrate will cause them to overtake the Arabs and become a heck of a world power. As to the Chinese, I see them finally junking Communism and becoming our friends in a Muslim-free world, but then I've always been a romantic and an optimist.

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