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The 4th of July Has No Meaning Anymore

My Country Was Of Thee, Sweet Land of Liberty – Then I Woke Up!
I Used to Believe!
It’s the 4th of July Weekend. It used to be such a proud, happy holiday for me. You see I grew up in a different America. I grew up in the 1950′s in America and believed in the American Myths. The myth of freedom, liberty, choice, peace, goodness, apple pie, Mom and the American way. It took me many decades to WAKE up and it was the most painful time of my life. You see, when you wake up you have to DO something. I loved my country. Still do. That doesn’t mean I love my government or leaders.
The song may say “We don’t need another hero” but we sorely do. For me, America died on November 22, 1963. It’s been downhill since. Of course my awakening took me back way further than the sixties. My awakening began with reading “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” by Dee Brown and realizing all the his-tory I learned in school was a LIE. Thanks to great authors like Eustace Mullins, Ed Griffin, Howard Zinn and so many other REAL patriots, I learned it only got worse long before I was born. The creation of the “Creature From Jekyl Island” (G.Edward Griffins book) the Federal Reserve which was the end of our sovereignty.
Today we live in a country run by sociopaths based on fear and lies 24/7. The media a complicit partner in the destruction of America. These people either have no souls (surely no patriotism) or are so greedy and ignorant they don’t care what they are doing to our country, liberty or the world. We went from being loved around the world to hated around the world. From a time of relative peace to running six wars on countries that have done nothing to us – distraction from the globalist world economy crashing. When 95 year old grandmas are being humiliated at the airport by TSA agents (brown shirts) and babies stripped searched, what have we become? The “terrorists” have won. Were there ever any real terrorists? I’ve seen ZERO proof. Save for Osama Bin Laden who’s now died nine times. Biometrics, fingerprints to workout or bank, warrant-less searches, loss of privacy in one’s own home, loss of control over our lives, choices or liberties. A government that has taken us down the tubes financially as we move towards the same forced austerity on the working class as Greece, Spain and everywhere else on Earth. A system of injustice instead of justice. Forced insurance for the poorest medical treatment on Earth. Poisoned food, GE food, radiated food, chemtrails, beaches closed more often than not due to pollution, radiation spewing on the planet, media blackouts on what’s really happening in America, rich-immoral religious fanatics buying political offices – and so on and so on………
I want to celebrate the 4th of July – but I can’t. All I believed we stood for was a lie and has been trashed by inhuman, inhumane beings that have sold all of us up the river. Corporations that run our government (fascism), the dictatorship called the Supreme Court, the shadow (secret) government exposed by Bill Moyers many years ago. President Eisenhower and President Kennedy warned us of the military industrial complex and the secret government intent on destroying our country from inside out.
I’ve often wondered how Native-Americans feel on the 4th of July. The sad thing is on the 5th of July everything is still the same. The Patriot Act stands and the Bill of Rights dies. Our Nobel “Peace” prize President ignores the Constitution. Up is down, down is up. Doublespeak is the law of the land. If you “celebrate” this weekend – do it for yourself! Remember as a WW2 Veteran once told me after the illegal invasion of Iraq “you can love your country and not your leaders”.

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Comment by Anonymous
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I appreciate this article too, and I love this comment that follows. More of this will be fine. More James Bond movies to come!

Comment by Frank Fishman
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I grew up in the 50s, when this country still meant something...I think.
Since Kennedy, and probably starting with johnson...
this country slowly emerged and can now be recognized as
the IMAGE OF THE BEAST in Revelations 13.
The beast...vicarivs filii dei...use roman numerals to add up to 666,
it is the CONTINUATION of the roman empire.
Did you know that the initial 10 geographical areas that formed
the roman empire are THE SAME initial geographical areas
that formed the EUROPEAN UNION? We are witnessing the REBIRTH of the roman empire.
This country is so paranoid about terrorism...almost everyone
fails to realize that the REAL terrorists, ememies of the US were, are, and will continue to be...the murdering clintons (Rest In Peace Vince Foster) (NAFTA and GAT killed the economy, CODEX ALIMENTARIUS will kill the people). Thank you Slick Willie and accomplice. The Clinton Global Initiative---that says it all.
While she's playing secretary of state, he's behind the scene for the NWO.
daddy and sonny bush exposed the US as the image of the beast.
dick THE US cheney belongs in US and Nigerian prisons.
kissinger pushing for a One World Government, pulling the strings since the 60s.
bill gates (using billions to perfect the BEST softkill approach) and the rockerfellers using $$$ for power and control.

These, among the hierarchy of the CFR, TLC, Illuminati, Bildeberg, et all pull the strings of BO (the Kenyan Puppet), Tim Geithner, and BOZO ben bernanke to destroy this and soverign nations of the world to usher in the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. Why?

For their personal status quo...the HAVES want to remain HAVES, while we, the HAVE NOTS of the world, become as feudal serfs-SLAVES...or DEAD. There is no place for WORTHLESS EATERS in the NWO. The goal for MANAGEABLE world population is 500 MILLION (See Georgia Guidestones).

Once accomplished, the ULTIMATE power of the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT will be unveiled and will SHOCK THE WORLD; They have attempted WORLD DOMINATION throughout man's history...THIS TIME they feel they CANNOT FAIL.
Thank you for your time,
Frank Fishman
Biblical Practioner
Once PROUD to be a citizen of the United States. 

Comment by Anonymous
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I too love this article.Yeah, no meaning anymore to celebrate July Fourth. R3volutionaries used to love the Red Coats, like how our combat soldiers used to love the Krauts in WWII, while the American Vietcongs within, loved to shoot down Washington like a dog that it was. All of them are priceless targets on their gun sights. Now without them, except for the American Vietcongs from within, it's a lonely war and a lonely r3volution. No more Red Coat and no more Krauts to shoot -- so we just shoot each other ... indeed, that's nothing to celebrate tomorrow, July Fourth, 2011! Yeah, I love this article because it is genuinely real, and really, really true! It doesn't need to be fiction. You don't need to wait and see them in Hollywood's 2-hour long classic movie in your favorite downtown theaters.

Comment by Laura Potts
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I  appreciate this article. I also grew up in the 1950s and see things exactly as this author does. At that time, you could believe the news.  You could believe the president when he spoke. It seemed to be a country of laws. I was horrified as George W. Bush, a man who was never even elected went strutting down the street on inauguration day in Washington.  I was horrified by the false flag event- 9-11.  Most horrifying of all was that the general public did not even question either of these events. Americans have swallowed 9-11 lies hook, line and sinker.  It will never be the same again- this country is unrecognizable from what it was.  Immorality and greed prevail.  That is my perception as well.



Comment by Dave Hodges
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 I think it might be more accurate to celebrate May 1st, instead of July 4th. 

Perhaps, we need to fight our government so we can save our country

Comment by Anonymous
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I find this spewing quite interesting. All the reasons why the Fourth of July "has no meaning anymore" are listed from A to Z. She forgot to include herself, and what she did many last summers when Rocks, Woodstock and pots ruled the land and we lost the war in Vietnam to her and her comrades – those American Vietcongs from within -- and America was dying.

I find it even more interesting because this angry author of the raging 60s lost her bearing in the fury of her blinding rage. To her Americans lost themselves in this turbulent maze of evil she described of the time, and because of that there is no reason at all for anyone to celebrate the Fourth of July, but "If you "celebrate" this weekend – do it for yourself!", she said. It is spitting it out and at the same time eating it too. There is absolutely nothing to celebrate … but celebrate. There is nothing to love this country, but "you can love your country and not your leaders …" she said …another spit, another eat. Not to love and yet to love your country, how confused is that? I think she needs help.

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