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The Forgotten Truth

                                               An American Movement:
                                                 The Forgotten Truth
Many people think that when a person mentions the Government System and political parties in the same breath, that they are referring to and talking about politics. This is not the case. For example, I believe when talking about politics, one is referring to the different philosophies of political parties, and how it relates to the issues that affect this country.
In this paper there is no mention of the philosophies of political parties and/or how it relates to their visions on the issues. Many of you will strongly tend to think that this paper is political in nature, but I assure you it is not!
This paper is about the Engineering, Architecture and /or Composition of the Government System where the Forgotten Truth can be found. And also, what affects the Government System and what compromises its integrity. The Government System is like any other engineered system in regards to the components that make up that system. The operation and integrity of the system depends on all the components functioning at top efficiency. But there is always one component that is the foundation of that system. If that foundation does not work, the system does not work. If that foundation is partially compromised, then the system will eventually fail. 
What is the Forgotten Truth? One thing’s for sure, it’s something that is not easy to explain because it took many decades and generations of indoctrination to get the people to forget this truth. What’s really difficult is to get the people to understand the significance of this truth, which if remembered will allow us, as a people, to save and preserve our country. This forgotten truth was systematically eliminated from our culture through indoctrination because it empowers the American people.
One thing to be aware of are the types and levels of indoctrination the people have been subjected to since about 1907 to the present. This indoctrination prevents us from connecting the dots, remembering and recognizing this forgotten truth.
What is interesting is that everyone I have spoken to recognizes that the people have been under some form of indoctrination for quite some time now. What’s fascinating is that every individual I’ve spoken to feels like they are not the ones who are indoctrinated and that they are the exceptions. But the truth is I haven’t met, seen or heard one person yet who has been able to connect the dots and figure out a viable solution for our country’s problems.
The power of perception is a powerful weapon. It has been used to indoctrinate us (we the people) to accept certain aspects of American life which are not true. If the foundations of what we believe are not true (which we base our logic on), then it is virtually impossible to discover, identify, or even recognize a viable solution.
A solution is only as good as the definition of the problem!
Without the Forgotten Truth (which I have yet to explain), and with the disinformation administered to us through this indoctrination, we do not have a clear definition of the real problem.
 All the problems we see around us (regardless of the issues) are just the after-effects of the real cause of the problem, but not the actual corner stone of the problem. The forgotten truth is that corner stone. We as a people have been indoctrinated (programmed) not to recognize the significance of this particular truth. So, for a person to understand the forgotten truth they must be, at least partially, un-indoctrinated to even realize the significance of it.
It’s not easy for one to admit to being a victim of indoctrination. Think of the violation you feel when your home is burglarized. This, however, is a hundred fold more, because it is a violation of the mind!
So the first question is, “How are we indoctrinated?”
Indoctrination is filled with disinformation and missing information! This leads to all types of misperceptions. This leaves the people, as a whole, in disarray and unable to connect the dots to figure out a viable solution.
One small example of indoctrination is that some people today have more of an affinity for political parties than they do for the Constitution of the United States. This, of course, does not make any sense! They also believe that political parties are part of the fabric of our country and Government system.
Of course, they are NOT, but I will come back to this later.
Please keep in mind (as I expose this indoctrination), that every seemingly outlandish claim I make, contrary to what you have always believed to be true, will be explained and justified by the Forgotten Truth. Facts that I claim here can be verified by simply doing a Google search on the subjects in question.
To simplify things and separate fact from fiction, let us start at the beginning. Some of these facts are known by some people and not others.
*The Declaration of Independence was written in 1776. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Declaration_of_Independence
*The Constitution was written in 1787. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Constitution
*The Three Branches of Government were written and put into place in 1787.
*The Three Branches of Government and the Constitution were ratified by the states in 1788.
*George Washington was appointed President of the United States in 1789.
*The Bill Of Rights was ratified by the states in 1791. http://www.enchantedlearning.com/history/us/documents/constitution/timeline.shtml
This is when I believe the country was truly born with its system and founding documents intact.
Now for the first hard truth!
Political parties DID NOT OFFICIALLY EXIST in 1791! Look it up. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Party_System
Let’s connect some dots!
In the:    1)   Declaration of Independence
2)      Bill of Rights
3)      Constitution
4)      And all the rules and regulations of the Three Branches of Government
There is no mention of political parties in any of these documents. Yet all these documents, which are the fabric of our country, provide us with our Government System. Facts are facts!
If political parties are not mentioned in any of these documents, and these were ratified and in place before political parties were created, then political parties are not part of the fabric of our system of Government.
Since this is the case, then we should be compelled to ask, “What really are Political Parties and how do they fit in with/and affect our Government System?”   
First of all, the first two political parties to be created in the United States were
the Federalist Party and the Democratic-Republican Party. Both parties were officially created in 1792.    
All political parties were created after our Government System was in place. Political parties consist of individuals who were not satisfied with a Government System that was made in the form of a Republic.
*Political parties were created to eventually alter and change the Constitution and our system of Government.
When political parties become too large, the lure of power becomes too great for them to resist. George Washington knew this better than most. After he helped with the birth of our nation and its system, he witnessed individuals create political parties whose intent was (and still is) to change the status quo for their own benefit.
In 1792, political parties were formed by like-minded individuals vying for power, and President Washington did not want any part of it. President George Washington did not join any political parties and chose to maintain his Independent Status through his two terms as President, as an example for the country and its citizens. He was so concerned political parties would be the downfall of our country and Government System that he wrote a warning to the country, the people and generations to come in his *Farewell Address to the Nation (1796)
Here’s a quote from *George Washington’s Farewell Address to the Nation. When I read this I can’t help but get the impression that George Washington thinks that political parties will always be the largest threat to the national security of our country.
President George Washington referring to political parties in his farewell address
           They serve to organize faction, to give it an artificial and extraordinary force; to put, in the place of the delegated will of the nation, the will of a party, often a small but artful and enterprising minority of the community; and, according to the alternate triumphs of different parties, to make the public administration the mirror of the ill-concerted and incongruous projects of faction, rather than the organ of consistent and wholesome plans digested by common counsels, and modified by mutual interests.  However combinations or associations of the above description may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely, in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people, and to usurp for themselves the reins of government; destroying afterwards the very engines, which have lifted them to unjust dominion.
After reading George Washington’s Farewell address I’m led to believe that, because we have left them to their own devices, political parties have become the largest threat to the national security of the United States.
This, however, is not the forgotten truth. This is just one of the facts that should be put into perspective in order to be able to understand the significance of the forgotten truth. Let us run through a gambit of my outlandish claims and then see if I can make these claims self-evident.
* The Constitution is NOT the foundation of our Government System.
* The Primary Vote is high treason.
* A politician voting down a party line is high treason.
* The people are the Fourth Branch of Government, but only as a collective.
* The Government System and the Political Party System are two separate systems.
* The Political Party System is trying to impose itself on the Government System.
* The Founding Documents are protected by the Checks and Balances.
*  If one political party can gain enough seats of office (seats of power) they can            overcome the Checks and Balances by 2/3 or 3/4 of a majority vote.  
*  The Checks and Balances are protected by the people, but only as a collective.
*  The United States is the first country in history where the people created their own Government System to govern themselves.
*  The ‘people versus the government’ premise does not exist.
*  We the People, as a collective, are actually the first component of the Government System.
*  We The People and the Government System are not separate entities; we are one and the same.
Let us think about this for a moment.
If the Constitution is not the foundation of our Government System, then what is?
Well, what do we know for sure? The Constitution is pieces of paper with great things written on them, which are ignored and violated because it is just pieces of paper! Just like the individual that has no power in and of oneself, because it is just one person.
Therefore, the foundation of the Government System has to be something that physically supports both the individual and the Constitution. Are you with me so far?!!?
Now, let’s try some analogy here!
Imagine a few people in charge of a factory full of workers. And these supervisors are not following the rules and regulations that were written to protect the rights of the individual in the work place. For example, maybe they’ve cut their lunch hour in half and are making them work a half hour for free. Or they’ve cut their break times, or cut some of their vacation and sick time accumulation, etc.
In this scenario, the individual worker does not have any power and when a complaint is filed, it is ignored. And if this individual complains too much he/she will most likely be fired. Since the supervisors are in a position of power above the workers they have effectively reduced the rules and regulations to nothing but pieces of paper that can be ignored.
There is nothing in the rules and regulations that states that the workers can strike.
But one day that is exactly what they do! Even though the workers believe and want different things from the factory they come together collectively to strike and shut down the factory. By doing so, they have created a position of power, where there was none!
Without the factory in operation the supervisors are in danger of losing their jobs.
Now, the situation is completely reversed.  
Suddenly these supervisors now want to hear what the individual workers complaints were (that were being ignored), so they can remedy it. But, the overall complaint of all the workers is, the violation of the factory’s rules and regulations by the supervisors. For the supervisors to keep their jobs they must comply with the rules and regulations. Thus, by the people coming together collectively and creating a position of power they have forced the supervisors to adhere to the rules and regulations.
Only through the collective status of the people are the rules and regulations and the individuals rights respected.  
Now let us expand our imagination and partially recall this story with a slight twist.
For the first part of the story, imagine the factory represents the Monarchy in England and the workers represent the colonies in the United States.
When the colonies declared independence, they basically created a position of power through a collectiveness of the people. Now, the people, individually and in groups had different philosophies. Such as federalist, anti-federalist, democracy, republic etc.
Regardless of these different philosophies, or what they wanted the country to ultimately become, they were together collectively. Independent of any Monarchy, Dictatorship or any opposing force. They were of Independent Status (together collectively).  
I believe that the forefathers wrote the Declaration Of Independence and designed the  Government System, Constitution, Bill of Rights (rights of the individual) to be supported by the collectiveness (Independent Status) of the American people.
Just like the factory workers (the colonies) came together collectively to create a position of power, and the supervisors (politicians in power) were forced to follow the rules and regulations (the Constitution)!
I believe that the Independent Status of the people is actually the first component of the Government System and that it should be self-evident that it is the foundation that our Government System functions from. The individual and the Constitution do not wield any power on their own. They need something tangible to work off of.
Let us examine this for a moment!
Today, in the year 2010, the people of the United States are NOT of a collective. We as a people have been divided by political parties. To be of a collective (Independent Status) means to be of one voice, and be independent (non-affiliated) of Monarchy, Dictatorship or any force or factions (political parties) trying to invade our Government System.
This is the reason why President George Washington remained independent (Independent Status) and refused to join any political parties as an example for the country, its citizens and generations to come!
Only by being of the same status can we as a people force the Politicians in power to adhere to the rules and regulations of the Constitution just like the factory workers on strike did! Only in this manner will the Politicians (government) fear the people.
‘The people should not fear the Government (politicians), the Government (politicians) should fear the people.’  
If the people as a collective (Independent Status) is the first component of the Government System, then the ‘People versus the Government’ premise does not exist, because the people are the first component of the actual Government System as a collective. We the people (as a collective) and the Government System are one and the same.
The ‘people verses the Government’ premise is the biggest lie of all.  
This is the first country in recorded history where the people created their own Government System to govern themselves.
Do you really think that we would create our own Government System and not be part of it? Of course we’re part of it!
We the people are the first component of this system as a collective (Independent Status).
This is the forgotten truth, but to understand it fully we need to look at this, and other things, in much finer detail.
 The bottom line is that forefathers made a mistake. They made a mistake because they could not foresee how the future would unfold. They could not foresee a monopoly being created by political parties preventing an open political landscape.
What is an ‘open political landscape’? Answer: The opposite of what we have today! Today the Democratic and Republican parties have created a monopoly where Independents and other parties have no hope of getting elected into high office.
By dividing the people between the two parties they have effectively eliminated the market for other parties and created a ‘closed political landscape’. We need an ‘open political landscape’ in order to restore the balance of power. This can be done by restoring the first component of the Government System, the collectiveness (Independent Status) of the people.
For example, say John Doe wants to run for office to become a Congressman, Senator or  President as a Libertarian, Green Party, Popular Party member or even as an Independent. People will be reluctant to vote or contribute to his campaign because there is simply no market to support that. The last thing people want to do, in this regard, is throw away their vote and spend money needlessly. 
I believe that there are masses of people out there that would vote and support other parties and Independents if it were actually possible that they can get elected.
But what would happen if everyone, from coast to coast, woke up one morning and found ourselves all re-registered Independent? What would happen then, indeed!!
For one thing, we would all have to reconsider John Doe because now he’s got a real possibility of getting elected. I believe, if we were all registered Independent, that masses of people would vote into office an array of different parties and Independents thereby breaking the monopoly and stranglehold of the Democratic and Republican parties, creating an ‘open political landscape’ in the process.
This first component (Independent Status) of the Government System provides a service that the other components (Constitution, three Branches of Government, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence) do not provide.
For example, the power of the vote is not effective if there are only two parties to choose from. The Independent Status will break the monopoly that these two parties have and create an open the market giving the people more choices of parties and Independents to vote for. This in turn will make the vote more influential and powerful.
Also, the Independent Status gives the people one voice, which in turn gives us the power of public opinion. I don’t know if you have noticed lately, but the rallies, the town hall meeting and the tea parties are largely ignored and dismissed by the politicians.
Since we the people have been divided between the two parties we have lost our ‘one voice’. The power of public opinion is now practically, non-existent.
The Independent Status *protects the checks and balances, which protect the Founding Documents. But political parties can overcome the checks and balances by becoming large enough to out vote them. *The Independent Status protects the checks and balances by creating an open political landscape, and introducing other political parties and Independents into office, thereby preventing any one party from becoming large enough to become a threat to the checks and balances.
The people (thru their collectiveness) were given the powers to Vote, the Power of Public Opinion, and the power to create an open political market by maintaining an Independent Status. By doing these things in combination, the people have the power to safeguard founding documents and the Checks and Balances. But, the people were not officially designated the Fourth Branch of Power. In hindsight, this was a mistake by the forefathers.
The people could have been officially declared The Independent Branch.
If we the people were that Fourth Branch (The Independent Branch) we, like the other branches, would have had those powers written out and defined very clearly for us.
That way the people throughout history would have been aware of their own powers at all times. 
Then, if any citizen would have chosen to relinquish their Independent Status and register to a political party (Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, etc...) that are outside of our system of government system, it would have been be very clear to us that we are relinquishing the very status and tools we need to safeguard the checks and balances, our founding documents, freedoms, liberties and country. It would also then be clear to us that the Government System was engineered for a free people (without affiliation), but not for a people that are taking sides by aligning themselves (registering) with the very forces that are trying to take over this country. (Registering with political parties diminishes the power of public opinion!) Many people today say “Power to the People”, but they do not fully know what that power is, or how it is actually part of the system. But make no mistake about it; the powers of the people are intact, regardless of the fact that the forefather did not clearly define our powers or designate us the Fourth Branch. I will try to describe these powers. If the forefathers would have created a Fourth Branch it could have been called the Independent Branch and could be described like this:--
This branch contains the We The People.
1)      The Independent Status
2)      The Power Of Public Opinion
3)      The Vote
Independent Status: Is when the people are not voter-registered to any political parties, but are voter-registered Independent (no party affiliation).
1)      Creates an open political landscape (open market).
When the people are of Independent Status, and are not affiliated with political parties, it creates a scenario where any and all political parties, including Independent politicians, can successfully run for office. They can successfully run for office because the people are free of affiliation thereby opening up the political market place.
2)      Prevents a monopoly from being created by political parties, such as we have today.
Opening up the market will allow the American people to successfully vote for and elect people from other parties, also Independent people that are running for office as well. This will create a wide variety of groups in Washington that will prevent monopolies from forming as long as the people maintain their Independent Status.
3)      Protects the Checks and Balances.
By promoting an open market and preventing (or dissolving) political party monopolies, the Independent Status will prevent any one group from becoming large enough to overcome the Checks and Balances.
      4)  Protects the Founding Documents by maintaining the checks and balances and preventing political parties from becoming too large.
5) Restores the full Power of Public Opinion.
To have the full Power of Public Opinion the people need to be of one voice. The Independent Status provides this.
This power is practically non-existent today. You can see this by how easily the politicians dismiss the tea parties and town hall meetings. That is because our one voice has been divided by the political parties. But when the people are of one voice (with the use of the Independent Status) this power becomes more powerful than the Vote, because even without voting we can persuade the politicians to change their policies.  
With only two parties to choose from today the Vote does not have nearly the authority or influence it once had. Today we have two political parties that are jockeying into position to become large enough to overcome the Checks and Balances. A monopoly has been created where these are the only two parties of any consequence we can vote for. Sooner or later one of these parties will become large enough to overcome the Checks and Balances. Only by using the three powers of the people in combination can we restore the Vote to its proper status and influence.
But let me make one thing perfectly clear, I am not suggesting that we abolish political parties! What I am proposing is that we preserve and safeguard these documents and the balance of power by adopting the status (Independent Status) that provides the very tools needed to restore the Powers of the People and the real foundation of this country.
First of all, I envision a Fourth Branch for a people in a free country as an obligation that would not be mandatory. In a free country the people should not be forced to do anything against their will. I also envision the people willingly maintaining their Independent Status, because the Fourth Branch would clearly define that this is the position the people need to be in, to safeguard the checks and balances and the founding documents.
Let’s consider one possible reason why forefathers did not create a Fourth Branch that would have clearly defined how we are part of this Government System!
It appears to me, during the birth of our country, that it was extremely self-evident that the Government System was being designed around a people who were of a collective status. And not designed for a people who were divided. This was so self-evident at the time that the forefathers could not possibly conceive that the people would ever forget this fact.
But as we all know, this is exactly what happened!   
How did we forget this fact?
President George Washington referring to political parties in his Farewell Address to the Nation wrote,
But as it is easy to foresee that, from different causes and from different quarters, much pains will be taken, many artifices employed to weaken in your minds the conviction of this truth; as this is the point in your political fortress against which the batteries of internal and external enemies will be most constantly and actively (though often covertly and insidiously) directed,.
Political parties have been actively dividing the people in every conceivable fashion.
Race, religion, economically, classes and anything else we can think of, etc.
One ingenious method of dividing the people was the inclusion the average citizen in the Primary vote. As we all know, citizens cannot vote in the Primaries unless they relinquish their Independent Status and register to that particular party.
This way they can get the citizens to freely relinquish their Independent Status which safeguards our freedoms and liberties. This, of course, is treason. This all came to final fruition by 1935.
Therefore, the Independent Status was alive and well from when political parties were created in 1792 till 1935 when the people were maneuvered into relinquishing it.
That equals to 143 years verses only 75 years. In 75 years they have indoctrinated this forgotten truth out of our minds.
I believe that the forefathers never meant for the people to join political parties. The Government System was not designed for the people to join political parties. By doing so the Constitution loses the foundation necessary to function correctly and becomes vulnerable to violations. As a result, individual liberties and freedoms suffer.  
The information given to us by the education system is designed to give us the impression that political parties are part of the system of government the forefathers designed for us. They are not! This indoctrination is designed so that we cannot discern the difference between the system of the political parties, and the system of government created for us by the forefathers.
These are two separate systems!
                     GOVERNMENT                                          POLITICAL PARTY
                           SYSTEM                                                          SYSTEM
This system is not based on or contains political parties. It is solely based on and designed for benefiting and serving the American people.
This system is based on political parties and is designed for individuals to vie for seats of power that will benefit their party, but not necessarily the American people.
This system has only one choice of voter registration. The Independent Status.
Although this system has more options for voter registration, they are mostly Democrat, Republican and Independent. Primarily Democrat and Republican.
In this system, by all citizens having an
Independent Status, an open political
landscape (open market) is created where
Libertarian, Democrat, Green Party,
Republican parties, etc. and Independents
can successfully run for office. This
supplies the voter with many more options
and freedom than the Political Party
System. This also eliminates the possibility
of a monopoly being created by any
Political parties, such as we have today.
In this system, by having the citizens mostly registered Democrat and Republican, a scenario is created where there is no open political landscape (no market) for other parties or independents to successfully run for office. This creates a situation where one of these parties can maneuver themselves into a position where they can gain enough seats of power to overcome the checks and balances, such as we practically have today. 
The Independent Status is design to protect
the checks and balances by opening up the
market place to get other parties and independents elected. This will in turn
prevent any one group or party from
becoming large enough to overcome the checks and balances and be a threat.
The reason citizens cannot vote in the
primary unless they join a particular party, is because the Primary Vote is thee mechanism the Political Party System uses in order to get the people to relinquish their Independent Status that protects the checks and balances.
The primary goal of the Government
System the forefathers created is to protect
the American people.
The primary goal of the Political Parties
System is to gain tyrannical power by overcoming the checks and balances.
                  (FOREFATHERS)                     à
 I respectfully submit to you again that, I am not suggesting that we abolish political parties or the political party system, because that would be un-American. All I’m doing is pointing out the obvious. When political parties become too large, they become a threat to the national security of the United States. And any mechanism the parties use against the people to gain tyrannical power is treason. Such as, the Primary Vote and when they are voting down party lines on issues to gain more power!
Let’s examine this!
There are 545 seats of office (seats of power) that control this country. At any given time, the Democrat and Republican parties each control about 50% of those seats. It takes about 60% to 75% of those seats to overcome the checks and balances. When Political parties are as close to achieving this goal, as these two parties are, the lure of power becomes too great.
Lucky for us that, the forefathers created a system that psychologically and literally combats man’s lust for power. It is pivotal that we understand how this works, because the significance of the Forgotten Truth becomes clear.
For example, when political parties are close to achieving this goal, their aspirations become tyrannical.   
But, if these political parties each had only 10% or 12% of those 545 seats, they would not have enough power, as a party, to have those kinds of aspirations. In which case, they would have little choice but to do good for the American people.
When the forefathers were designing the Constitution a lot of them did not agree with each other. That was good because it forced them to compromise on the behalf of the American people. Today within each party there is hardly any compromise on the behalf of the American people. And the compromise between the two parties is even more insidious.
It appears to me that both political parties are in a race to become large enough to overcome the checks and balances. They are accomplishing this by, creating the problems we have and then convincing us we need them to fix it in order to get us to vote for them! These two parties are at war with each other and are not concerned about the American people because we are divided and as a consequence have less power.
When writing a Bill for a particular issue they design the Bill so that their party benefits and become larger and stronger than the opposing party. It has nothing to do with it benefiting the American people. When I state the term ‘larger’ I am not referring to more citizens registering to the party. I’m referring to the number of Politian’s, of that particular party, that are being voted into office (545 seats of power).
I’m under the impression that they do not intend to permanently fix any of the issues. They seem to be just manipulating the issues to keep the people in disarray to maneuver them into a position to get elected so that they reach their tyrannical goal of overcoming the checks and balances. Only by reducing the size of the party members holding seats of office (545) can we protect ourselves and our liberties. 
From an engineering stand point, let us now consider how political parties fit into the Government System. We have a Constitution and three branches of Government that function on a 2/3 & 3/4 majority voting system. Since this check and balance is the only factor protecting the founding documents, it would seem obvious that the system is not designed to support political parties that become large enough to overcome the 2/3 & 3/4 majority voting system.
It’s not rocket science folk’s, the Government system is definitely not designed to support large political parties. If it does, the parties will crash and burn down the Government System.
If the Government System is not designed to safely support large political parties, then what is it safely designed to support? 
I believe that the Government System was designed to function safely with diversity. With small groups (many parties and Independen

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