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Comment by H. Skip Robinson
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Hey Mike,

It appears that you are involved in a highly intellectual conflict between competing individuals and the organizations they manage.  From the seriousness and of your arguments/discourse there appears as if there is a important motive for this debate. Is it profits/income from organizational activities or is it merely an egotistical conflict that one believes may have a historical higher meaning if the world can ever achieve a  the next age of enlightenment. Many do not believe that we will ever enter such a state. I believe that it is possible but it is difficult to get those that understand the elements of liberty to attack the status Quo on the important fronts in an efffective manner.  I seek to attract others to my ideas at http://rsjexperiment.workpress.com I am not seeking any financial rewards/benefits up and above any work I must do to see it through to a reality so I am up for any ideas, effort or money to help get the enlightened together on something that will actually make a difference.           

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