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Obama to Asians: Screw you!

By Mencken’s Ghost

August 16, 2011


Judging by what he says, it is apparent that pseudo-intellectual President Obama believes the half-baked notions propagated by academics, black liberation theologians, and neo-Marxist revolutionaries about social justice, oppression, fairness, diversity, multiculturalism, and alienation of the proletariat.  In short, he believes that the West in general, and rich whites in particular, should pay de facto reparations, disguised as taxes, as punishment for subjecting other races and classes to the evils of capitalism, imperialism, colonialism, slavery, and racism.


No doubt, this belief system has led Obama to propose higher taxes on families earning more than $250,000.


There is one glaring flaw with his belief system:  Asians.


According to the Statistical Abstract of the United States, published by the Census Bureau, 3.9% of Asian-American families earn $250,000 or more, versus 3.1% of white families.  By screwing “rich” whites, Obama will be screwing “rich” Asians. 


Those damn pesky Asians.  They can sure mess up a good ideological narrative.  Maybe the Chinese Exclusion Act should be restored to stop many of them from immigrating to America so that their presence and success don’t reveal the hollow thinking of the left.  Passed in 1882, the act stayed in effect until 1943.  It stayed in effect longer than laws passed by the progenitors of today’s leftists, the progressives, to keep out southern European Catholics.


Not only did Asians overcome discrimination in America, but many of them overcame far worse treatment in their mother countries, including serfdom at the hands of overlords of their own race, conquest and brutalization by fellow Asians such as the Japanese, and, worst of all, the horrors of communism.


Oops, there goes the narrative that only whites have been oppressors.


Asian Americans also excel in the same public schools where other races don’t excel, somehow learning math and science from unionized, featherbedding teachers who have degrees in education instead of hard subjects.  Asians currently win so many academic scholarships and spots at top universities that the same sub-rosa discriminatory admission tactics that were once employed against Jews are now being employed against Asians. 


Social justice, you know.


Asian-American success is due to a number of factors.  One is an ancient culture based on rice growing, which requires planning, patience, hard work, and family and social cohesiveness.  Another factor is Tiger Moms.  But the main factor is that most Asian children have a traditional mom and dad committed to their well-being.  Only 16% of Asian children live in single-parent homes, compared to 34% of whites, 40% of Hispanics, 53% of Native Americans, and 67% of blacks.   Test scores, high school completion rates, and family incomes closely correlate with this ranking, with Asians on top and the other races falling behind in sequence, according to the percentage of single-parent families. 


Imagine that.


Ever since humans climbed out of the jungle canopy (or Garden of Eden, if you prefer) and formed complex social systems, they established rituals, customs, and rules about marriage, or whatever the social arrangement was called, to ensure that males stayed around to help provide for their offspring and to model proper male behaviors.  Humans learned that bad things happened to society when males behave like musk-crazed buck deer looking for a one-minute relationship.  It’s no accident that marriage and fidelity became the primary focus of virtually all religions.


The modern welfare state went against all of this learning.  So did slavery, of course.  But as Thomas Sowell detailed in his book, Black Rednecks and White Liberals, blacks began a marvelous socioeconomic ascendancy after they were freed of slavery and Jim Crow and were able to benefit from civil liberties, economic freedom, and capitalism.   Free blacks in Massachusetts, for example, rivaled whites in income and education.  Then came the new destroyers of black families, the Great Society and the War on Poverty, which doubled the incidence of single-parent black families.


Instead of admitting the harm caused by their beloved social-welfare state, left-liberals had to write a new narrative to cover up what they had done.  The new narrative was that the harm was caused by white oppression and privilege, by capitalism, by inadequate taxes on the rich, and by mean-spirited Republicans and tea partiers.


Asians better watch out.  To keep the narrative from being revealed as the crock it is, Obama might send them to internment camps.  After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that a Democrat president has done that.

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Comment by David Jackson
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 Dear Mr. Ghost,

   It's me, again.

    You are, once again, correct. I'd suggest that Asians have already been screwed. The major difference with them is that they seem to refuse to be perpetual victims. And, I can find no place in what passes for written history, that shows them being sold out by those who pretend to be their leaders. (Big money and little men have been made by many of the black con artists who have managed to convince blacks that they are "inferior" and "entitled", instead of championing them and their rich often successful U.S. history. (How many "Americans" do you know who know that the first person to "discover" the so-caled "New World" - America - was more than likely a black man [North African or Pheonician]?

   Try this, for a real myth buster: There is some historical and archeological proof that there were "black Americans" in the New World as early as sixty years before Christ. Tell that to the dilettants who worship Christopher Columbus.

    Just to clear the decks: I've been screaming in my sleep for my entire adult life, as I've watched and listened to black Americans sing the praises of "Democraps". You tell me why blacks don't know that the bigoted oppression of their ancestors by Democrats was the reason the Republican Party was formed. Throughout the first 160 years of U.S. history, Democrats wee slave holders and racist zealots. In more modern times, everbody's favorite ---hole, Woodrow Wilson, was a rabid racist, denying blacks any parity in American society. (he even managed to segregate the Navy, which wasn't when he took office.)

    It's arguable, even though Republicans are limp d----s, as often as not; blacks, throughout America should think twice before buying into the Demo crap!

     Anyway...Keep haunting!

Comment by Anonymous
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The Unbeatable Asians: If the best of the Whites can’t beat them, how much more of the worst of the Blacks led by Obama who want to beat them?


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