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Evangelist Loren Davis Proclaims TV Prosperity Preachers are Ruining Christianity -- Are They?

In a hard hitting Internet article ( articles_abuse.html), Evangelist Loren Davis declares that it's the "greedy" TV preachers who are bringing down the palatial house of cards on the not-for profit ministries that is revealing itself in the recent Senate hearings. He calls "prosperity preaching," "the gospel of success."

 Evangelist Loren Davis
Davis states in his article:
This gospel targets the poor, the struggling, the desperate and the greedy. It uses scriptures, but perverts them and looks at all scriptures through the colored glasses of money. This gospel is exploiting God's people financially. To many unscrupulous preachers this Gospel of Money has turned into a con game with God's people being the prey.
There is little preaching about Jesus, salvation, sin, the cross, heaven or hell. Most preaching today is about how to be successful or get rich by 'sowing your seed.'
The following are some of these teachings:
'Jesus was rich'. Some teach that Jesus wore designer clothes. Jesus had a nice house, a big house. Some are teaching: 'Jesus was handling big money.' One prominent preacher says, 'Paul had the kind of money that could stop up justice'.
Many gimmicks have been used by these prosperity preachers to fleece their flocks. One of these gimmicks is 'Buying and Selling Miracles.'
I heard a TV preacher preaching on the 'Law of Sowing and Reaping' tell his viewers that if they wanted to be healed, they need to sow a seed of an offering first. He said, 'Everything starts with a seed.' He said that if they want a loved one saved, sow a seed. If they need a miracle, sow a seed. The Bible does say in Malachi 3 that if we give our tithes and offerings, He will pour out a blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it, but this is primarily talking about finances. This truth, though, in the name of revelation, has stretched scriptures to infinitum and has turned the truth into a lie.
In Africa, some preachers are saying, regarding healing, that if you have a headache you need to sow little; but if you have cancer or HIV you must sow a big seed to get a big miracle. They are teaching the bigger miracle you need, the more seed you need to sow. This is a con game!
Did Jesus ever tell someone to sow a seed before he healed or forgave them? Never! The only thing that was required was that they had faith in Him.
Under the disciples' ministries, no money ever changed hands for people to get a miracle.
Acts 3:6 Then Peter said, SILVER AND GOLD HAVE I NONE; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.
Comments by Dr. Dixon
On Davis' website above, the article gives several examples from Africa of people losing all they have over these religious charlatans. However, we must respectfully disagree with Evangelist Davis when he says that he believes the TV Preachers are bringing the wrath of government down on the non-profit churches and organizations. In my opinion, it is Government itself that is to blame for creating the not-for-profit scheme in violation of the scriptures and the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. There is no doubt in my mind that Satan has always used the union of church and state to compromise the true churches of Christ and eventually to destroy them, if possible.
The first lie that Satan led the churches to believe is that through incorporation and the not-for-profit gift, they were partnering with government for the betterment of society to make the world a better place. It never was the church's responsibility to clean up this world anymore than to tie pink ribbons on hogs and take them to pig school on Sunday morning to teach them not to drink swill and to lay around in mud holes. Churches must be in the regeneration business, not half-baked reformation programs.
The second thing that Davis hasn't considered is the fact that when you leave money laying around, crooks are always going to get their hands on it. There is no question that most of the not-for-profits of all stripes and colors, para-church organizations, and churches are honest, hardworking, clean, God loving, sacrificial servants of God. However, just because some folks in society can handle their liquor doesn't excuse the booze business, and just because some can gamble and bring most of their paycheck home doesn't justify legalizing gambling.
I believe there are only a few bad apples that will bring these controls down on all, but that's how it's always been. Once they made it possible for these organizations to raise untold millions of dollars through TV, direct mailing and the internet, it was all over. The sky was the limit. There is no way to control them. Human nature being what it is, there are always going to be the Marjoes, Chiltons, and the Paul Crouches and others with untold wealth to buy mansions, yachts, sports cars, etc. This is wealth that most of us can only dream about. And why their boards allow it, who knows?
But be assured of one thing. With a nation drowning in a $14 trillion debt, society is not going to stand for this extravagance and obvious chicanary on the part of these so called preachers. Their cup of iniquity is just about filled up.
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