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Israeli West Bank Annexation Bill

Israeli West Bank Annexation Bill - by Stephen Lendman

Palestinians petitioned the UN for sovereign recognition and full UN membership.

Four extremist MKs responded, calling for West Bank settlements annexed. A previous article explained, accessed through the following link:

MK Deputy Speaker Danny Danon wants more.

On September 27, the JTA Global News Service of the Jewish People headlined, "Knesset to vote on annexing the West Bank," saying:

On September 27, Danon said the Knesset will "take up the bill, which he authored, at the end of October."

It includes rescinding Israeli/PA financial obligations established by prior agreements. According to Danon:

"If the Palestinian Authority wishes to proceed on this reckless path and bring further instability to the region, Israel cannot continue to pour funds into this sinking ship of failed leadership."

"The funding agreements with the PA were reached with the hope that their leaders would work to create an environment of lasting peace and security with Israel. Given that it is clear that the Palestinians have no such desire, Israel must no longer be required to stand by these arrangements."

Palestinians, of course, want and deserve what Israel denied them for 63 years after stealing their homeland violently. Using long ago discredited arguments, Danon and others like him think Israel has a divine right to their land.

Growing millions globally disagree, including Israeli Jews and others everywhere able to distinguished between right and wrong.

Danon said his bill nullifies Oslo, stating:

"All obligations between the State of Israel and the Palestinian Authority as established by international agreements....will be considered null and void."

Oslo, of course, was a Palestinian Versailles, benefitting Israel, not them. Sovereign recognition and full UN membership are first steps to reversing unilateral surrender.

Representative Joe Walsh (R. IL) is as hardline as Danon. On September 8, he introduced HR 394:

"Supporting Israel's right to annex Judea and Samaria (the West Bank and Jerusalem) in the event that the Palestinian Authority continues to press for unilateral recognition of Palestinian statehood at the United Nations."

He didn't address if that would make them Israeli citizens, subhuman serfs to be exploited, or illegal infiltrators on Israeli land, subject to arbitrary expulsion.

Nor did consider what right he, others in Washington, or outsiders anywhere have to meddle in internal Palestinian affairs. America, of course, long ago refined it to an art form, attested to by mass global deaths, destruction and human misery.

Walsh also introduced HR 2457: Palestinian Accountability Act:

"To restrict funds for the Palestinian Authority, and for other purposes."

In other words, obey or we'll cut off your allowance. Coming with strings, it's less aid than bondage to do what we say or we'll spank you with more than harsh words.

On September 27, Turkish Prime Minister proposed a different solution than Walsh and hardline MKs. On September 27, Haaretz headlined, "Erdogan: UN sanctions on Israel could aid Mideast peace process," saying:

Sanctions "would have resolved the issue of Mideast peace long ago....adding that he felt the Quartet('s)" proposal fell far short of resolving the longstanding Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Through today, he said, "the UN Security Council has issued more than 89 resolutions on prospective sanctions related to Israel, but they've never been executed....One might" ask why?

"When it's Iran in question, you impose sanctions. Similarly with Sudan. What happens with Israel then."

If sanctioned, the "conflict would have been resolved long ago." As a result, he believes the Quartet has no interest in resolution. "Unfortunately, I do not even see (its) traces within the Quartet. Because if (it) was so willing to resolve this issue, (it) would have imposed certain issues on Israel today."

Of course, strained Turkey/Israeli relations place both countries on opposite sides of various issues, including Palestinian statehood.

Despite the Quartet's anti-Palestinian UN membership proposal, Haaretz headlined, "Israel's cabinet fails to reach consensus on Quartet plan for talks with Palestinians," saying:

Netanyahu "and the eight senior cabinet members were unable to (agree on) the Quartet's initiative for renewed talks between Israel and the Palestinians."

Despite Netanyahu's support, consensus so far isn't reached. Meanwhile, Security Council deliberations continue on and off behind closed doors.

Reports disagree on whether Palestinians have nine needed votes to force a US veto. Haaretz said UN sources say Washington has enough support to avoid a it.

EU representatives acted like Joe Walsh to a degree, telling PA officials they risk losing European aid by acting "unilaterally."

On September 28, Haaretz headlined, "Palestinian statehood bid to be reviewed by UN committee," saying:

On Wednesday, the Security Council "unanimously agreed to hand the Palestinian application to join the United Nations to a committee" for review.

Normally, it takes "a maximum of 35 days, but Western diplomats say that this limit can be waived and might take much longer...."

In other words, delay, obstruct, and consign Palestinian membership to memory hole oblivion. It's simple to get around it through the General Assembly, whether or not the Security Council provides support.

It recommends. The General Assembly alone admits new members provided Abbas goes that route properly.

A Final Comment

Palestinians have always been on their own since Britain's 1917 Balfour Declaration, promising a Jewish homeland in Palestine. It included a hollow one to indigenous Palestinians that "nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of the existing non-Jewish communities."

During its Mandate period, they were systematically denied until losing them in 1948, then entirely in 1967. Israel was born in the original sin of mass slaughter and forced expulsion of 800,000 Palestinians, wanting only to live in peace on their own land.

With full backing from Washington and Western states, Palestinians never got justice. Israel operates outside the law with impunity. Peace process conflict resolution never existed and doesn't now.

Palestinians understand and want official sovereign recognition and full UN membership. In 1987, Law Professor Francis Boyle drafted its 1988 Declaration of Independence.

Through the 1950 Uniting for Peace Resolution 377, full UN membership is obtainable if Abbas and Prime Minister Fayyad want it. A simple two-thirds General Assembly majority gets it.

On the Progressive Radio News Hour to air October 2, Boyle said the 170 nations support it, according to the Financial Times. If all 193 UN members vote, 129 are needed.

According to Boyle, if Abbas petitions the General Assembly under Resolution 377, full UN membership can be gotten in two weeks, making Palestine the body's 194th member.

Despite enormous Washington/Israeli pressure to back down, what Palestinians have wanted for 63 years is within easy reach. It's for Abbas and Fayyad now to follow through for them.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at

Also visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

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Comment by TL Winslow
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"Palestinians, of course, want and deserve what Israel denied them for 63 years after stealing their homeland violently. Using long ago discredited arguments, Danon and others like him think Israel has a divine right to their land."

Stepon Landmine is at it again - kaching go them Saudi riyals :)

1. There are no such thing as Palestinians. They're all just Muslims Arabs, who for centuries floated around the gigantic Arab Umma that was run by Ottoman Turkey, which kept Jews down as dhimmis or serfs. A century ago they called the Jews who returned to Israel Palestinians, while Muslims who never had a nation of Palestine or anything like it fought the returning Jews tooth and nail. Despite all the water that has flowed under the bridge, nothing has changed.

2. Israel didn't steal the West Bank, they conquered the Arab armies who tried to exterminate them completely in 1967 and wouldn't accept the very existence of Israel, and used the opportunity of squatting on Israeli's rightful homeland to military advtange. Hence the land that Israel conquered is theirs by right of conquest.  The original British Mandate of Palestine gave Israel all the land east of the Jordan River to Iraq, and the real question is why not let them have it?

3. I guess if you consider the Bible a fairy tale all arguments based on it are discredited: those who believe the Bible will disagree.  Funny how Lendman never calls the Quran a fairy tale :)

So, Lend Lease has churned out another agitprop vomit article for his Saudi masters. He might be doing better than if he freelanced on, but at least that would be more honest.  Why does something tell me that he spews out pro-Israeli agitprop under other aliases to double his income? :)

The real history of Israel back 3,000 years shows that Jews have a right to a homeland there whether the Bible is a fairy tale or not. It was their homeland until they were kicked out by the pagan Romans, then kept out by the Christian Romans, Christian Byzantines, and Muslims until the British conquered it in WWI then got the League of Nations to award them a mandate for a Jewish homeland. After oil was discovered in Arab lands, the Brits began to renege, but WWII and the Holocaust gave them worldwide sympathy, and the U.N. came into being, superseding the British Mandate with the 1947 Partition Plan, which reduced the Jewish homeland to a joke, causing Israel to just go for it and proclaim itself on May 14, 1948 and take it, as was its historical right.

And if they want to take West Bank, Gaza, and all the land from the Nile to the Euphrates, I say go for it!  The Muslims have way too much land already that they're stinking up with their backwardness and corruption caused by sticking to sick ISLAM, when they could just chuck it and rejoin the human race and welcome Israel as a model. Clearly, the Saudi puppetmasters are afraid that Israel will do just that, and that the U.S. will back it, despite most of the rest of the world falling for their greasy agitprop.  All we need is a change in presidents, to somebody like Perry or Cain, and Greater Israel will finally be born and become a beacon of hope in the hopeless mess of the Muslim world.

Oh yes, the sickest agitprop that has been churned out in recent years is to the effect that there isn't a Jewish people to start with. Well, in Europe they seemed to know what Jews were - they weren't Christians or Muslims, and a lot of them believed in the Torah.  So in the Middle East the Muslims also know what Jews are - they aren't Christians or Muslims, and a lot of them believe in the Torah.  That's good enough for me, how about you? :)

Is Jerusalem really stolen Arab land? See for yourself:

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Comment by Lola Flores
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Annexation, a fancy word for land theft, occupation and colonialism.  

Boycott, Divest and Sanction Israel!  Free Gaza!  Viva Palestina!

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