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Our young kids have fought two wars for ten years in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Total cost exceeds $1 trillion.  Result:  horrific deaths on both sides, destruction and no resolution.  Does anyone know or understand why we sent 6,200 kids to their deaths and another 40,000 brought back home without legs and arms or their minds? We can expect a minimum of 100,000 post-war suicides from combat troops with scrambled brains.  That doesn’t count the ones that stumble forward with alcohol, drugs and poverty.
Did we stop terror? 
Suicide bombers and killers blow up churches, government buildings and outposts as regularly in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2011 as they did in 2001.  No leader in the United States understands that Muslims will defend their lands against Americans until the last one dies.  We would have to kill every single last one of them to win.
Did we bring democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan?
Iraq and Afghanistan cannot agree on a constitution or path toward peaceful co-existence any more than a bunch of 5th graders arguing over a jar of cookies.  Karzi is a puppet of the United States.  We send endless billions of dollars to prop up him and Malaki.  We might as well flush that money down a New York City sewer.
Did we find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? 
We found not one single weapon worthy of such fear to go in and blow up an entire country on George W. Bush’s whim.  He caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and 2.5 million refugees.  What he did to Iraq and its citizens defies human understanding.   Lyndon Baines Johnson did the same thing to Vietnam. He killed 58,267 kids while he blew up another 2.1 million Vietnamese.  In his book Fog of War 35 years later, the architect of Vietnam Robert McNamara said, “I made a mistake.” 
George W. Bush is too stupid or inept to write a book on how brainless his decision to destroy Iraq and Afghanistan turned out to be.  A full 17 of the purported hijackers came from Saudi Arabia.   Bush should have attacked Saudi Arabia and destroyed that country. 
However, overwhelming evidence shows that 9/11 was an inside job.  If it was, George Bush should be brought to trial for crimes against humanity and America.
Iraq provides yet another example of stupid men in power doing stupid things for stupid reasons with incredibly painful outcomes for millions of innocent people, children and countries.
Are we any safer from terror in the United States after 10 years of war?
More terrorists reside in the United States from our irrational immigration policies than ever before.  We’ve got 40,000 MS-13 gang members in 35 states selling drugs to millions of our kids.  (Source: Newsweek)  We have 10 million illegal alien Mexicans stealing jobs from Americans and breaking our laws while we pay for their medical, educational, babies, prison and food needs.  We import 2,000 Muslims per month from places like Palestine, Iraq and Somalia—as refugees—any of them potential terrorists. 
Note that Iranian-American immigrant Manssor Arbabsiar attempted to kill a Saudi ambassador this week. Notice American born Muslim Anwar al-Awlaqi inspired the shoe bomber, underwear bomber, New York Times Square bomber and Major Hasan to kill Americans.
Does anyone think that victory can be won against a religious jihadist Muslim group like al-Qaeda?
We would have to kill most of the Muslim world to kill al-Qaeda.  The Koran dictates that all good Muslims “convert or kill non-believers and Jews.”  That’s the prime directive of Islam.  We can pretend it is a peaceful religion, but every terror event in the world since 1972 has been planned and carried out by Muslims.
If we fight for another 10 years to make it a 20 year war, what will we accomplish?
If the American people sit back and do nothing, the military industrial complex will continue those two wars for another 10 years.  The military won’t win, but it won’t lose, but it will continue fighting and dying as it sacrifices our kids in an endless conflict.   We’ll hear weekly news reports that we’re close to victory, but we need another 40,000 troops.  We’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and we don’t want those who have died to have died in vain.   General so and so is making a “new” plan to win the war…ad nausea.
Like corporations that Americans have been protesting against for the past week, the military industrial complex possesses no heart and no conscience.  Young men and women’s deaths mean nothing.
How do we stop those wars, the deaths and the senselessness?
1.     We withdraw all our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan immediately.
2.     We let their leaders solve their problems.
3.     Leaving Muslim lands deletes their reasons for jihad.
4.     Enforce our borders with our troops to secure our country.
5.     Engage a moratorium on all immigration for 10 years.
6.     Use the $12 billion monthly war cost to improve our country.
It’s absolutely crazy to carry on two wars for ten years without any positive result. It’s even crazier to continue fighting them for another 10 years.  It’s even worse that the majority of American citizens lack enough gumption to stand up and speak out against the endless insanity of war perpetrated by our Congress, Bush and now Obama.  In the end, it’s just plain sickening on a mental, physical and spiritual level.
Frosty Wooldridge has bicycled across six continents - from the Arctic to the South Pole - as well as six times across the USA, coast to coast and border to border. In 2005, he bicycled from the Arctic Circle, Norway to Athens, Greece. He presents "The Coming Population Crisis in America: and what you can do about it" to civic clubs, church groups, high schools and colleges. He works to bring about sensible world population balance at He is the author of: America on the Brink: The Next Added 100 Million Americans. Copies—1 888 280 7715, Kindle,

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Comment by David Jackson
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 I do!..I do!

 Just as religion was once considered by many to be the "opiate of the masses", today, it is war. Even of it means that your sons and daughters, no to mention your husbands and fathers, are sent to be physically maimed, mutilated, and murdered, it is often thought to be somhow less than "patriotic" to decry or in any way attempt to question or depreciate the carnage, especiallly if it is for the most spurious and ludicrous of contrived "reasons".

  War is the TOTAL FAILURE OF GOVERNANCE! Those who purport to be leaders and champions of our nation are liars and cowards, without even the slightest value as "keepers" of our national security or sovereignty. They are second-rate losers, who would see us all enslaved or dead before admitting to being the mental midgets that they are known to be. There really aren't many lower forms, in all of creation!

  War is hard for most people to fathom; it is a form of purposeful violence that no sane individual would enter into, unless there was no other way to survive, literally! As a consequence, most people are bewildered and downright frightened by the spectre of war, especially when they entertain thoughts of it directly - at home, in the neighborhood - influencing their existence and the safety of their (youngest) children. Since citizens don't start wars, only governments can claim that "fame", citzens are, generally, at a loss as to what to do to fight or end them; they naturally come to rely on the people (government) who claim to be in control of the situation...May the Great Pumpkin help us all!

  As for the many thousands who are FORCED to fight for the greater good of a few limp d---- in government, and the advantage of the favored corporated can artists, they are as expendable as you or I. (They are also good press, if spun right! The award ceremonies that make the news are often major events:  it's not just that 18-20 year old men and women are mentally ripe to be re-programmed to blindly obey orders and collectively enjoin their commrades to sacrifice themselves- mostly, without question, its that they make good photo-ops. (It's not an unknown phenomena for young soldiers to site their dreams of medals and glory as, at least, partial motivation for military service. Combine this with the promise of three hots and a cot, in a culture that is being forced into failure, and the reality of the 18-20 year old brain as a "work in progress", and you have cannon fodder, so the cowards and those who fought in other failed wars can claim fame and fortune - not to mention job security and all the women who ar left behind.)

  What always amazed me were the fathers and mothers who claim that they "wouldn't have it any other way", when reflecting on their kid(s) being permanently damaged or murdered by some freak in Washington who didn't have the guts to stand against phony wars and the slaughter of America's children. They all are reprehensible...I don't even know their kids and I am sickened and ashamed that even one of them was ever put in such a mindless and vile circumstance - especially, if someone told them they somehow OWED IT TO me. THEIR ISN'T A WARRIOR IN THE U.S. MILITARY WHO OWES ME ANYTHING, except to maybe stand beside me in defense of the United States!!!!!!!

  I'd say to the freak show who promote this crap, KMA! 


Comment by Abdul Ameer
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We went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq, first of all, to get rid of the brutal and internationally dangerous regimes: Taliban and Saddam Hussain. After accomplishing those goals in short order, our idea was to transform those two societies into liberal democracies something like our own. Our leaders mistakenly thought they could do that because they believed (and still believe) that Islam is a religion of peace and that, if only we liberate Moslems from their dictatorial government, they will become like Americans. Our policy was based on fundamental and abysmal ignorance of the doctrines of Islam which motivate all religious Moslems. Had our leaders had any familiarity with Islam, they would never have thought that we could remake a Moslem society. No matter how nice we are to religious Moslems, we can never win their hearts and minds because their hearts and minds are devoted to Allah and Muhammad, both of whom have defined us non-Moslems as subhuman enemies. After overthrowing the Taliban and Saddam, we should have gotten out and let the chips fall where they may. We should do that now. 

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