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First Amendment Last Stand Protest

Oct. 27, 2011
I stand with those finding disgust with the socialist elements so obviously instigating the Occupy Wall Street protests erupting across the land. But I must remind those holding traditional American values that we are targeted in media manipulation. Our reactions to both the revolting behavior of leftist demonstrators and the rampant corruption of the corporatist empire is being monitored, maneuvered and measured by unseen hands. Do you understand how you are being led to surrender your God-given rights?
We are fed televised pictures of neo-Nazi skinheads, unkempt longhairs holding placards calling for communism, debauchery and outright criminal behavior. We get reports of protesters spitting on bank tellers, defecating on doorsteps and cop cars, even assaulting people or robbing them. We hear of casual sex and drug dealing by “hippies who haven’t taken a shower in weeks” and slackers in Che Guevara tee-shirts who were bussed in because they had nothing better to do, and have no real focus on why they are protesting. Many came just like the vultures gathering around a carcass, looking for what they can get working the crowds. Gutter level grifters abound, with hands out. Arguments erupt between “non-leaders” about the collection and distribution of charity for protesters. Of course, a bit of police brutality is thrown in the mix. Hapless detainees are maced, and in Oakland, a grenade is lobbed against people giving aid to a man with a skull fracture.
Ah, yes. We are shown the images they want us to see, often scenes that are staged just to disgust us and cause a calculated reaction in middle America. After all, you don’t want to be associated with commie hippies, skinheads and obnoxious panhandlers and drugged-up street people, do you? Those dignified people working on Wall Street are so offended. Aren’t you?
That is how the corporatists want you to respond to the demonstrations. The big banks are growing fat backing socialist programs, and were crucial in funding Marxist Obama’s bid for the presidency. Fat cats don’t want you ever targeting their base of government-chartered fraud and usury, the Federal Reserve Bank. Or the other big banks that are the Fed’s shareholders. By orchestrating an obviously leftist driven riff-raff in the streets of Manhattan and other cities, the socialist agenda of Obama and his bankster patrons was protected in giving public dissent against them a bad flavor to be avoided, condemned. The media has a habit of not showing credible protesters in their public programming.
I read quite a few blogs and reader responses concerning the OWS protests. Often I see folks in patriotic websites responding with glee at hearing protesters being evicted and arrested, maced or beaten with batons by advancing police lines shutting them down. The displeasure with leftists, which I share, motivates them to endorse the cops’ heavy hand. But such should be aware that endorsing the loss of First Amendment rights, including peaceful assembly and free speech, sets the stage for government to deny any opportunity for anyone to protest significantly. (Except, perhaps, for Obama’s socialist union thugs.)
We are seeing rampant corruption everywhere we look. In corporate boardrooms, and all three branches of government. The pirates of Wall Street and the District of Criminals are so brazen now that they don’t even pretend to be honest, representative, or accountable. In a recent court ruling, federal Judge Royce Lamberth responded to attorney Orly Taitz’s suit charging Obama with Social security fraud by saying it did not matter if the president committed fraud, his privacy, as president, trumps all! The Skull and Bones flies from the mast of the US ship of state. Ask the world… or George Bush!
Websites and blogs are being removed from cyberspace, hotels and churches threatened for holding conferences on certain subjects, cameras and cell phones are seized and even destroyed by police fearing evidence against them. People are being jailed on phoney charges with no allowance for a meaningful defense. Defense attorneys are threatened for defending certain people. Remember Lt. Col. Terry Lakin and Edgar Steele. Some people just disappear, die mysteriously, or are ruled to have committed “suicide” in manners that defy evidence. Our rights mean nothing to fascists running the empire. The “Patriot Act”, the “Super Committee” and a continuing stream of outrages prove this! Slavery and extermination are their intentions for us in the New World Order!
In losing rights recognized by the First Amendment, our last stand will be upholding the Second Amendment to resist tyranny from a corrupt government. I am not willing to go to a FEMA camp. Historically, people who go to socialist camps seldom come out alive. Is the right to defend one‘s self not God-given in nature? “What part of ‘infringed’ don’t you understand?” was the Second Amendment question on my old patriot tee-shirt. It is high time we reminded our family, friends, and enemies of this question. And be ready with a well-aimed answer. As Bradlee Dean of the Sons of Liberty asks, "Will it be the Bible or the bayonet?"
We must secede to succeed! Have no king but Jesus! Live free or die trying!

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