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Spineless Texas??  
I must have missed the memo, informing the world that the entire state of Texas had been castrated. I can't think of any other explanation for the fact that the formerly bad-ass, formerly brave and strong, formerly freedom-loving state of Texas is allowing such blatant fascism to occur.

As you may have guessed, I'm speaking of the new fascist program the TSA is carrying out in Houston, goose-stepping about on busses, randomly stopping and interrogating people, and searching bags without a warrant or probable cause. Come on, Texas! What happened to you? When did you become the land of the pansies and the home of the blindly obedient?

Let me be blunt. (Actually, I will be whether you "let" me or not.) If some dumbass statist automaton with a badge "asks" to rummage through your belongings, you have the absolute right to refuse. (Actually, you have the absolute right to suggest that the jackboot go engage in intercourse with himself, but I suppose you could choose a more polite approach.) And if he "insists," and tries to force you to let him rummage through your stuff, you have the right to forcibly resist. If he then tries to take you hostage, for not putting up with being treated like the subject of some third world dictatorship, you have the right to resist. If he goes for his gun, then you have the right to blow his unused brains out.

Of course, doing so would likely be hazardous, even if completely justified. At the very least, every time one of those jackbooted, fascist dumbasses searches a bag without a warrant, without probably cause, and without the consent of the owner, the victim should get the name of the state mercenary, make public that that person is an unthinking fascist thug, and immediately file a Bivens action against him, for the obvious, intentional violation of the victim's Fourth Amendment rights. Maybe if the federal parasites had to spend lots of time, effort and money defending against a Bivens action every time they do this, they might think twice. (And I really hope whoever already had his bags searched does this.)
Personally, I think relying on "lawsuits" is far too nice. Putting up with blatant injustice, and then begging "government" puppets--the dress-wearing megalomaniacs who call themselves "the courts"--generally sickens me. If you need some "court" to tell you whether randomly searching people's bags is a violation of the Fourth Amendment, then you might as well drive yourself to the nearest prison, and volunteer yourself into custody.

If the jackboots can get away with this in Texas, what hope is there for the rest of the country? Just how blatant does this police state garbage have to get, before the people stop echoing the blatant lie that this is a free country? Remember seeing those old movies about Nazi Germany, where the thugs randomly stop and interrogate people, and search through their stuff? Well, now you can see it in full color and 3D! Just go to Houston!

This is extremely serious. If there was ever a point at which the steady march toward a complete totalitarian police state has to be stopped, this is it. And if there was ever a people who might have the balls to stop it, I was hoping it would be the people of Texas. This is not the time to ask nicely. This is not the time to beg for freedom. If there are any non-neutered folks still in Texas, this is the time to STOP this fascist bullshit, by any means necessary. If the day comes when the people think that being randomly detained, interrogated and searched, is normal, necessary, and good, that is the end of the American Experiment.

(P.S. Someone should ship Sheila Jackson Lee off to North Korea, where her mentality would fit right in. I'm sure they could find a job for her there.)

(P.P.S. After admitting to doing warrantless bag searches in Houston, the federal Gestapo and the Texas state and local fascist collaborators suddenly decided to deny they were doing such things. Sure.)