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In an unusual story of Rosario Schielzeth, a woman who turned 104 in June, newspaper reporters wanted to know her secret for a long lifei. Her answer consisted of just two simple rules that she's always lived by: Watching what she eats, and Staying

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In the swampy heat of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Lolo Jones peers at a line of approaching rain clouds. The rumble of thunder carries across the track at Louisiana State University, where Jones is training for her second run at an Olympic gold medal.

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The Global Commission on Drug Policy, an assemblage of former national leaders, policy makers and experts, has issued a new report (PDF) that calls the war on drugs “the main reason” for the continuing HIV/AIDS epidemic around the world.

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The wide scale US acceptance of fluoride-related compounds in drinking water and a wide variety of consumer products over the past half century is a textbook case of social engineering orchestrated by Sigmund Freud's nephew and the “father of public

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Future neural prosthetics could not only tap into brain signals, but also brain fluids, using the cerebrospinal medium to power a fuel cell. Researchers at MIT designed a new silicon wafer with embedded fuel cells that generate power using glucose.

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