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WAR: About that War

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The Washington Post has produced a long, two part piece, about the failed 'counter-offensive' in Ukraine. It dispenses equal blame on the U.S. and British planning of the whole mess and the Ukrainian execution of it.

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Paul Craig Roberts

Those of us who were around for the Vietnam War remember the photo of Phan Thi Kim Phuc - "the napalm girl" - the naked, badly burned 9 year old girl fleeing the advancing bombing.

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Caitlin Johnstone - Substack

Pentagon contractor Elon Musk and war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu had a conversation that they broadcast on Twitter during Musk's apology pilgrimage to Israel in a desperate bid to salvage his public image amid costly accusations of antisemitism.

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The US and its allies will continue backing Israel's war on Gaza after a brief truce. But as the case for 'genocide' grows stronger, the new multipolar powers will have to confront the old hegemons and their Rules-Based Chaos.

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As part of the fallout from the war in Gaza, U.S. forces in Syria and Iraq have come under attack more than fifty times from Iranian-backed militias since early October.

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The handwriting was on the wall. An Op-Ed in the New York Times entitled "I'm a Ukrainian, and I Refuse to Compete for Your Attention" summed things up nicely: a media junket the author's friend had been organizing to Ukraine was canceled. Th

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International Man: Throughout history, governments have always used propaganda to drum up support for war. Often, their atrocity propaganda features children to get the maximum emotional response.