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Libertarian National Convention

From May 21 through May 26, Libertarians will converge at Denver for Convention 2008 to nominate (among other offices) a candidate for President. Those serving as delegates may be curious to know.... Is there life beyond Ron Paul?

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Lew Rockwell

The Libertarian Platform – the best thing about the party – has been replaced with a new one, which is tiny, vague, rhetorically slippery, accommodating, friendlier to the state, and non-threatening to mainstream opinion.

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Bob Barr has let himself get talked into seeking the presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party with the full support of Ron Paul. Which means it looks like the R3VOLution is not only alive and kicking, it's also in the best possible positi

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Since Britain's income tax accounts for one quarter of the £534 billion spent by the government last year, U.K. Libertarian Party leader Patrick Vessey has called for it to be abolished.

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The Conservative Voice / Robert McCain

Bob Barr, who helped lead the 1998 impeachment of President Clinton, is the object of an alliance of conservative[s] and libertarians seeking to recruit the former Georgia Republican congressman as a third-party presidential candidate.

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Presidential candidate Ron Paul, the Republican Congressman from Texas who inspired a massive nationwide outpouring of grassroots support and record-breaking fundraising, has endorsed his friend and colleague of 25 years, Dr. Murray Sabrin, for the G

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LewRockwell (kudos Eric)

Ron Paul has managed to do what no libertarian organization or electoral candidate ever has: Energize the masses of young Americans, throughout the nation’s campuses, including its most leftist, and get them interested in the politics of freedom and

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