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Huffington Post

Months after his long-shot bid for the Republican presidential nomination ended, Rep. Ron Paul has become a hot ticket on the international stage. Unlikely as it may seem, Paul, a Texas Republican, is the most popular member of Congress outside the United States, if foreign television appearances are any indication.

Paul expected his international influence to diminish after the quixotic presidential campaign. In fact, it's gone the other way.

"It's actually building," he told the Huffington Post. "It really truly baffles me. I see myself as somebody who's been saying the same thing for about 30 years and not too many people paying any attention."


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“They didn’t know what to make of us,” said Pam Deutschman.

But despite their surprise or shock to meet Americans visiting their country, many of the Iranians welcomed them with open arms.

“They knew how hard it was and how unusual it was for Americans to be there,” said Jon Snyder. “They were deeply impressed and it reinforced their pride in their country.”

Throughout their travels to Tehran, Isfehan, Shiraz and other cities, people stopped to talk.

“What do you think of our country?” they would ask. On a few occasions, some people told them in English: “Government, bad. People, good.”     ( "Hmm, apparently Ernie's been to Iran!" Dianne said! So I thought I'd share that little tidbit with you guys!

Frank G )  

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  Charles Goyette, talk show host and author of The Dollar Meltdown (release Oct. 09), on national TV, warns about the "economic calamity the Republicans and Democrats are creating," and is among the first to promote Ron Paul's candidacy on Fox, CNN, etc. 

(Publisher: Charles is coming baaaaack.. stay tuned to FreedomsPhoenix)

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June 23, 2009 at 2:20 pm by Jared Fuller

Alright, so this post needs a little background.

Obtained from this press-release yesterday: On July 4th Adam Kokesh is hosting an event entitled “Celebrate American r3VOLution” in Santa Fe, NM. The event will feature liberty activists such as Rick Reyes and Jordan Page. I’ve heard a little bit of rumblings there will be a little bit of “finger painting” before the event and that the group, Freedom’s Phoenix–headed by the creator of the r3VOLution logo, Ernest Hancock–will be attending the event in full force.

The videos by Freedom’s Phoenix below explain the situation fully and demonstrates to me, if nothing else, that the liberty movement is not only completely unpredictable, but also plain fun to be a part of. You have to watch the first one (it is quite hilarious) and the second one is even funnier. I ask you, what other movement has this sort of enthusiasm and is so very relentless? I wager to say there is nothin

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LA Times

Montana state Rep. Joel Boniek, shown with his mule Jesse, introduced a bill seeking to exempt from federal regulation any firearm made and used within the state borders.       An expanded federal role prompts declarations of state sovereignty. Montana goes further with a gun bill defying U.S. firearm restrictions. The goal: Keep Washington on its side of the fence. By Mark Z. Barabak

June 16, 2009 Reporting from Bozeman, Mont. -- Frustrated by the expanded power of Washington, a growing number of state lawmakers are defying the federal government and passing legislation aimed at rolling back the reach of Congress and President Obama.

While many measures are symbolic ones declaring the sovereignty of states, some Westerners are taking more dramatic steps. One Utah lawmaker wants to limit federal law enforcement in his state. In Montana, legislators enacted a bill that flagrantly ignores federal firearm restrictions, hoping to f

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Infowars Moneybomb has exceeded expectations. As of Saturday, the moneybomb has raised more than $275,000 and supporters continue to pledge.

Last year, thanks to your donations, Alex was able to build a new studio and grow his office and staff. This expansion brought the message of liberty and resistance against the New World Order plan for planetary domination to a new and exciting level.

It allowed Alex to release his latest film, The Obama Deception, soon after Lord Obama, the anointed minion of the global elite, was installed in office. The Obama Deception continues to have an enormous effect in waking people up and revealing Obama for what he is — a front man for the ruling elite. It has stripped away the carefully manufactured myth that Obama is a man of the people when in fact he is nothing more than a tool cynically used by international bankers.


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On June 6, 2009 Freedom Fighter Radio took to the streets in Atlanta Georgia in Centennial Park across from CNN world headquarters.His mission to educate people on the threats facing America. Loose Change DVD ’s were passed out and Jim talked with people in the street about the NWO,police state ,911 and the American Resistance Movement.