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Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings

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ME - Organizer of the FIRST Ron Paul MeetUp Group

Ron says he's IN TO WIN - are YOU!?! The Ron Paul R3VOLUTION - PHOENIX MeetUp Group has their first MeetUp after the official Declaration - COME GET INVOLVED!

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It is often said that a convert to a cause is more fervent than those born to it. That is probably true about me and my "conversion" as an immigrant to this great country. In that spirit of passionate desire for my adoptive land to become everyt

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Layered PDFs and Graphics - "The Philosophy of Liberty" now in Arabic - "We Know the Truth" Flower Bandit in Arabic - (Arabic for FreedomsPhoenix) is a new Special Edition on FreedomsPhoenix - Also Arabic Translations

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BEIRUT — Syrian troops seized control of a mosque at the center of the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad's rule on Saturday, as the regime shrugged off fresh sanctions imposed by the Obama administration.

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We are presented with what we are told are isolated crises. In reality, from Desert Storm to the Eastern European color revolutions, to the “War on Terror” to the current “Arab Spring,”

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Reality Report

In this jam packed edition of the Reality Report, Gary Franchi compares the American political revolution with the violent Middle Eastern revolution that is now taking place. We take a look at what Ron Paul had to say to Sean Hannity on FOX about the

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