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; it was an intellectual revolution which allowed the human mind to fulfil its natural desire to think for itself, and from which social and political freedom would follow. In short, the Enlightenment presented itself as the dawn of modern self-consc

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The original "Star Trek" television series featured technology that had first appeared decades earlier in science fiction stories.

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In a recent finding, an anthropologist from Binghamton University has analyzed the tiny ear bones, the malleus, incus and stapes from two different species of early human ancestors from South Africa. This new study sheds light on the earliest known e

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In June, Bradley Manning, 25, the army private who caused the greatest security breach in US history by giving hundreds of thousands of classified war and diplomatic documents to Wikileaks, will go on trial at Fort Meade, MD.

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In this post, I will look at various aspects of social life in the Middle Ages. These include arts and letters, serfdom, women in society, religious tolerance, and finally, some additional aspects of the role of the king.