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Camera Fraud

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Another municipality has been caught blatently ignoring the law under the guise of enforcing it. St. Louis city codes requiring proper warning signs for red light cameras were ignored, while drivers received $100 extortion letters from American Traffic Solutions. (ATS keeps $31 of each $100 collected in St. Louis.)

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Washington Times

Accidents jumped 43 percent at intersections with traffic cameras the last time Alexandria operated red-light cameras, between 1998 and 2005. That’s according to data compiled by the Virginia Transportation Research Council, a joint venture between the Virginia Department of Transportation and the University of Virginia. Statewide, accidents serious enough to cause injuries increased 18 percent at red-light camera intersections.

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Mises Daily

And then one day the stop sign was gone.

It was the very stop sign one block from my house that was oddly stationed at a low-traffic, 3-way intersection, tempting every driver to slow down but not come to a complete stop.

How the city cleaned up on that one! I have personally coughed up in excess of $1,000 for tickets there, one time receiving two tickets in as many days. This sign was even the reason that I spent a day in jail for failing to fork over when the judge said I should.


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Photography Is Not A Crime

A Travis County Sheriff’s deputy used his Taser gun on a 72-year-old great grandmother after she refused to sign a speeding ticket. The deputy claims he was forced to defend himself because Kathryn Winkfein “got violent” in her refusal to sign the ticket. The deputy said she also used profanity, making him fear for his life.

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