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Ernest talks with Jay Noone (Freedom Activist; Survivalist/Prepper) on prepping, food, livestock and livestock health, meat and food supply, food propaganda, shortages, farming and animal agriculture, bio-char, raising generation next, etc...

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Ernest sits down with Crosby Peck (Owner Roger's Campground) on the future of the campground, Porcfest/Forkfest, technology, changes in campers, rigs, and equipment over the years, and other liberty issues and local news...

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Marc Angelo Coppola (Valhalla Farms - Montreal) comes on the show to discuss intentional community at Valhalla Farms, building and developing a practical educational site focused on sustainable solutions relating to human needs such as food, shelter,

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Ernest Hancock catches up with Patrick Binder (Free stater, liberty lover, activist) at Porcfest 2021 (Roger's Campground; Lancaster, NH). They discuss various liberty issues, construction industry, lumber, manipulated prices on commodities, etc...


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