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Jackie Shore, RN (Wellness Educator) comes on the show to discuss empowering people in their healthcare choices through Advocacy, Education & Guidance - Dr Judy Mikovits (PhD, Molecular Biology) on her fight and focus to stop vaccine mandates (Update

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James Bovard (Libertarian Author) on his recent article on The Sham on Government Transparency - Gary Cramer (Cloud Token) on their super digital asset wallet where you can store, exchange, earn and spend that integrates all blockchain cryptographic

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Dr Jeffrey Singer (Surgeon) on healthcare issues/costs, opioid issues,war on some drugs, etc... - Diane Douglas (AZ Superint Public Instruct '15-'18; Pres - AZ Parents Involved in Education) on Medical Freedom in the Land of the Free; Speaker at the

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World Traveler and Liberty Lover, Joby Weeks, talks with Ernest about CannerGrow, a Hemp Plant-Growing-Service in the Cannabis industry - John Bush (Activist; Agorist) on his company, Brave Botanicals, Kratom, and the benefits it affords

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Angela Keaton on the FBI Must Destroy Memos Calling a Threat - Starchild (libertarian activist) comes on the show to discuss International Data Collection on Students via Admission forms.


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