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Matt Landman (Frankenskies) left the corporate world to become an organic farmer where he began noticing weather issues; talks about geoengineering - Michael Louis on building natural structures, permaculture, your crypto trading and teaching platfor

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Irene Pi (local anit-vaccine activist) gives an update on vaccines and propaganda - Paige Peterson ( User Education & Community Team Leader at Z Cash) provides an update on Z Cash's decentralized and open-source platform and usability

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Jeffrey Tucker (Author, Exe Editor of Laissez Faire Books, Chief Liberty Officer of, Former Director of Content at the Found for Economic Ed) on Bitcoin, BCH, Crypto - Tone Vays (Trader, Risk Analyst, Blogger; Speaker) continues the Biotco

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Jeremy Kauffman (LBRY) comes on the show to discuss the decentralized digital library, a content sharing and publishing platform that is decentralized and owned by users - Jeff Berwick (Anarchapulco; The Dollar Vigilante; Anarchast) BitcoinCash

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Daniel McAdams (Executive Director of The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity; Co-Host of the Ron Paul Liberty Report) on the FISA Memo; Dr. Paul and the LNC) - Nick Sarwark (National Chair of the Libertarian Party) provides some insight on t


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