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Ernest talks about upcoming shows, Freedom's Phoenix Headline News, etc... Joshua Petty ( on his decentralized social network - Dr Judy Mikovits provides an update on vaccines/education/mandates, the release of the full Plandemic movie, et

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Chris Gronski (Private Freedom Consultant) on eliminating IRS debt, setting up Foreign Irrevocable Contractual Trust Organizations - Liesbeth Van Lier (Holistic Consultant) - Tarrin Lupo (Author/activist) on Networking and Social Media, health and we

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Jason Henza (freedom activist; anarchist) on liberty, Porcfest, Forkfest, etc...Tim Picciott (The Liberty Advisor) gives the Economic Report - Ian Freeman (Free Talk Live) on activism, news, Porcfest and Forkfest 2020

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Ernest interviews James Corbett (The Corbett Report) to discuss NOW WHAT, Where do we go from here?? PODCAST begins @ 9 pm EST Wed June 24th, 2020. Watch on live stream

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Rachel Goldsmith (former FSP President) on Porcfest 2020, activism, FSP, etc.. - William Craig (“Bill”) Reed?"Retired US Navy submariner/diver during the Cold War, geopolitical analyst, and author of Spies of the Deep on Putin, Cold War, Russia

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Harry Vox (Investigative Journalist on the pandemic scenario plans put forth by just one of the many NWO players - Dr Judy Mikovits (PhD Molecular Biology, Biochemistry) on the coming forced vaccination plot, petition for congressional t


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