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Ernest Hancock

LIVE STREAM Tues Jan 31th @ 8 pm EST: Max Igan onliving in Mexico (after leaving Australia). He's a featured speaker at Anarchapulco where the title of talk is: The Stark Reality of the World TodayLIST OF SHOWS FOR REST OF WEEK IN POST

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Establishment mouthpiece CNN - an integral part of both the Russiagate hoax and the Hunter Biden laptop coverup, has dropped to just 444,000 average primetime viewers between January 16 and January 22, according to Nielsen.

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Dr Phranq Tamburri (The Trump Report) on the escalation to war with Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Biden, solutions, prepping, surviving the collapse, education, communications, Trump, etc...

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Back in August 2022, repo plumbing guru Zoltan Pozsar published a fascinating chart showing how "$2 Trillion Of German Value Depends On $20 Billion Of Russian Gas" or specifically, how Germany had applied some 100x leverage...

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Explosions get you much more bang from your fuel buck than combustion – if your engine can withstand them. NASA believes the rotating detonation engine could be the future of deep space travel, and it's getting strong results in prototype testing.

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Footage has surfaced of a top Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) official saying that the elites should "get rid of of all the whites in the United States" and replace them with immigrants to reduce the number of people who refuse va