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Kurzgesagt In a Nutshell

A nuclear bomb is the most devastating explosion ever created. One bomb can end tens of thousands of lives immediately and hundreds of thousands through the radioactive aftermath.

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Jacob Hornberger - FFF

But it's not fine for us libertarians who have still not given up on our desire to live in a genuinely free society. For us, we have no desire to live the one life we were given as serfs, no matter how well-reformed our serfdom might be.

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Lex Fridman is a Russian-American computer scientist and podcaster. He hosts the Lex Fridman Podcast, in which he interviews guests, which have included prominent figures in various fields, including science

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Recently, Democratic Party-cheerleading economist Paul Krugman declared, "Inflation is over. We won." This is like a robber shooting you and then declaring, "The coma I put you in is over! We won!"

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Years before becoming president, Joe Biden made clear his views on migrants, saying "It's not going to stop. Nor should we want it to stop." What were once waves of illegal immigrants, have now turned into a tsunami. What has Biden done?