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Jeff Greenspan (Arizona GOP and Fmr. Ron Paul Campaign Staff leadership) comes in studio to provide an update on local/national GOP politics; Trump, etc...- Bob Anderson (Off Grid & 3D Printing)

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Things are developing fairly quickly in the world of Jetpack Aviation. After a bunch of public flights in Europe, the team has announced it's selected its first guinea pig civilian test pilot, who will be trained up and given the chance to fly the ex

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Look around you. People everywhere in America are sure of what they believe; at least for some emotionally sure. For those hooked on TV, Hollywood and mainstream media propaganda they're getting emotionally charged ideas fed to them every day by po

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Scientists at the University of Sydney have demonstrated the ability to "see" the future of quantum systems, and used that knowledge to preempt their demise, in a major achievement that could help bring the strange and powerful world of quantum techn

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