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The estimated Net Worth of Shawn Henry is at least $207 Million dollars as of 15 July 2024. Mr Henry owns over 4,000 units of Crowdstrike Inc stock worth over $64,986,320 and over the last 4 years he sold CRWD stock worth over $140,266,189.

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A tsunami of confusion, panic and fear sweeps throughout the crowd, and in those terrifying moments immediately after the protective detail rushed the stage, President Trump emerged, defiant as ever, bloodied, but ALIVE! In the hours that followed

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Are toys racist? David Johnson had never thought about it when he landed his dream job at a major toy company. Then he encountered DEI, and everything changed.

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Chronicle of "a Fundamental Security Failure" At 6:11 on Saturday, July 13 former President Donald Trump narrowly escaped assassination while giving a campaign speech in Butler, Pennsylvania. This near murder of the Republican nominee for presiden

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The inestimable Alastair Crooke has explained how Sullivan and Little Blinkie's deliberations are "spread through a matrix of interlocking 'clusters' that includes the Military Industrial Complex, Congressional leaders, Big Donors, Wall Stree