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Western civilization - the most effective major civilization in human history – has lost its mechanisms of transmission. And that's a big problem. Civilizations are simply collections of humans who share certain ideas, and if those ideas are no l

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The authors of a damning report into children's health have called on the next government to do more to tackle the soaring level of obesity in youngsters, which they say is a "ticking timebomb" for a lifetime of illness and comes at a huge cost

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Recent viral reports claim the United States and Saudi Arabia have ended their long-standing petrodollar agreement. Are these claims based in fact? And what do recent agreements between the Saudi Kingdom and China mean for the U.S. dollar?

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Another CRE securitized structure is reportedly causing losses for its top tier, this one in another country and from a different corner of the real estate market. This matches recent reports that big banks are quietly beginning to sell their seniors

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US House Judiciary Republicans: DOJ labeled dozens of parents as terrorist threats reported that the National School Boards Association (NSBA) sent a letter to President Biden that compared parents protesting actions by local school boards to "dome