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Daniel Satchkov (Founder of Bastyon) an anti-censorship, decentralized publishing and social platform; a video-sharing platform that, unlike the traditional and mainstream social medias, guarantees freedom, no censorship, and real privacy protection

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Article Image News Link • Global by Tyler Durden

Yet another leading health institution has unveiled a significant Covid policy reversal this week... this time it's none other than the World Health Organization (WHO) saying something that might have gotten an individual suspended from social media

News Link • Global, The Last American Vagabond

Joining me today is returning guest Catherine Austin Fitts, here to discuss the recent banking scare, what's really driving it, as well as the true motivations behind the seemingly world-wide push toward CBDCs, digital IDs and social credit.

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Dr Shawn Baker Podcast -

Hal has owned 4 assisted living homes for about 7 years in Phoenix, AZ. They are having success with the carnivore diet and exercise with old people. They have two programs going on - a bariatric program to help people lose weight and a program to gr