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Gerald Celente (American Trend Forecaster, Publisher of Trends Journal, Business Consultant, Author) on market conditions; what's up for 2019 - Tim Picciott (Crypto Self Direct; The Liberty Advisor) does The Economic Report

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In the current crypto bear market, miners have been battered due to the depreciation of digital assets, leaving many operations struggling to generate profit. In some cases, miners have been forced to exit the business altogether. In their absence, a

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Mere hours before his former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, is expected to be sentenced for lying to the FBI (and hours after Robert Mueller finally released a heavily redacted sentencing memo), an angry President Trump once again lashed

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Michael Cohen's lawyers are petitioning for their "rat" client to serve his 36-month sentence at FCI Otisville, a notoriously comfortable minimum-security lockup roughly 80 miles north of Manhattan that has long been a destination for financial fraud

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The deadly ambush in Niger last October that left four U.S. serviceman dead prompted months of hand-wringing inside the Pentagon. But that botched operation, which drew national attention to U.S. counterterror operations throughout Africa should not

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The countries are testing a technology for possible military application, say Chinese scientists involved in the project Militaries have been in a race to control the ionosphere, which allows radio signals to bounce long distances for communication,

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makes brains vulnerable to chemical damage from food and vaccines...(Natural News) A bombshell scientific study reveals that aspartame may be one of the most damaging vectors for the widespread "dumbing down" of humanity. Published in AJTCAM (Afr

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Another attempt to rally S&P futures overnight has fizzled, this time as a result of weakness in Europe and a mixed session in Asia, following a sharp decline in European retailers due to a record plunge in UK online retailer Asos Plc which collapsed