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'On A Massive Scale'...Not so strangely this video is hard to find. But you must watch it, share it, email it. And come to my talk on August 15th in NYC, it's time to war council. The exchange between Senator Ted Cruz and Google expert Dr. Rob

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Proven To Be True...David Steinberg released his latest report on controversial Rep. Ilhan Omar on Thursday, it can be read in its entirety at Jim Hoft's, The Gateway Pundit suggests that: According to Steinberg there is credibl

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(Natural News) Shoppers are starting to notice the effects of the abysmal growing season here in the United States, as grocery stores in various parts of the country are having to post signage explaining that food shortages are the reason why their s

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Within the vast bureaucratic sprawl of the Pentagon there is a group in charge of monitoring the general state of the military-industrial complex and its continued ability to fulfill the requirements of the national defense strategy.

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The human brain is still a far more powerful computer than anything it itself has created so far. It's no wonder then that engineers have recently focused on trying to emulate the structure of the brain with artificial synapses.

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