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Ernest Hancock

LIVE STREAM Tues Oct 3 at 7 am EDT Jim Gale (CEO / Founder - Food Forest Abundance) on how food forests are a pathway to promote natural living and better health while growing freedom now and for future generation; prepping for food shortages;

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If you think your social media is being edited and blocked to press a certain point of view, it is. If you think the government is trying to get you to think a certain way, it is. There's no more hiding this behind dummy allegations of conspiracy t

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James Corbett (Corbett Report) on #Solutions, world news, The Newspaper Revolution, fact-checking, censorship, Russell Brand, Vanguard, Blackrock (How they conquered the world), Agenda 2030, etc...

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A guy named Matt Orfalea has done a great community service by combing through hours of mass media footage to compile an excellent three-minute clip featuring pundits and western officials in the mass media denying that the invasion of Ukraine had an

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Last week, I wrote about how the United States Libertarian Party's new leadership put in place by delegates at the party's May of 2022 national convention has through the November of 2024 general election to demonstrate its success through electi

Anarchapulco 2023
Anarchapulco 2023