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There are many misconceptions about AI and especially about the newer advanced models that use a more advanced technique to learn. The goal of many AI's including Natural Language models like GPT-4/ChatGPT, Boston Dynamics Robots, Sophia the Robot an

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Amazon's palm-reading payment technology was first introduced at numerous Whole Foods locations in California, enabling customers to pay for their groceries by scanning their palms at checkout terminals rather than using cash or a card.

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The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has followed through on their plan to turn millions of lawful gun owners into felons in the name of "public safety" by reclassifying pistols with stabilizing braces as short-barreled r

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As Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg moves toward an indictment of Donald Trump, two predictable camps are forming: His critics are hungry for justice for a lawless operator, and his supporters are furious at what they see as rank political per

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Xi Jinping delivers a chilling message for the West as he tells 'dear friend' Vladimir Putin 'change is coming that hasn't happened in 100 years... and we are driving it' on day Russian despot said UK risked 'nuclear collision' with its aid to Ukrain

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Ernest Hancock

LIVE STREAMS Thurs March 23 (1) Dr Phranq Tamburri (The Trump Report); (2) Bob Anderson on the Environment; (3) Dennis O'Connor (Awakening in Health) on Water; (4) John Sneisen on recent bank collapses, bailouts, gold/silver, cryptos, etc...

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Justin Olson (freedom activist) has spent the last week with Ernest in the LOVE Bus rebuilding the studio, using an all-Linux operating system. Will talk about the new system, the rebuild, decentralized communication, Banks, ChatGPT, OccupyTheLand...
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