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Ron Paul Liberty Report

Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach has filed a lawsuit against the Big Pharma heavyweight Pfizer over alleged false claims by the company over the safety and effectiveness of its mRNA Covid-19 shot. Are the floodgates about to open? Also today: the

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Zero Hedge

At the recent Libertarian National Convention, President Trump vowed to "stop Joe Biden's crusade to crush crypto," and assured Bitcoin holders specifically that he supports the right to self-custody.

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Military Coup Planned If Trump Wins? shows that many Americans believe the Biden administration has been engaging in "lawfare" to try to keep Donald Trump from campaigning and winning the presidency again. However, their efforts seem to be backfi

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James Corbett - The Corbett Report

Joining us today is Michael Connett, lead attorney for the plaintiffs' in the #FluorideLawsuit. We discuss the history of the lawsuit, what's at stake, and how people who are concerned about the fluoridation of the water supply can get involved i

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Rob Braxman Tech -

Using End-to-End encryption will no longer be a guaranteed safe method of communication. A new method will have to be invented as approaches using apps from Signal, Whatsapp, Telegram and others will no longer provide this safety. This is something t

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Dr. Ron Paul will join PorcFest virtually to deliver a candid look at the dysfunctional American political system. Using anecdotes from his 23 years in Congress, he highlights the need for a limited government and more personal liberties.

Article Image, by Jacob G. Hornberger

Yesterday, June 10, was the anniversary date of President John F. Kennedy's famous "Peace Speech" at American University in 1963, which was about five months before he was assassinated in Dallas.