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Rob Braxman Tech -

There are clues from Microsoft's latest moves on Windows 11 that reveal what Microsoft is really up to. Do you really believe Microsoft released features like Windows Recall Screenshots and Keylogging because of user demand? Or Microsoft is releasing

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

Tech entrepreneur Nicole Shanahan burst into the American political scene when Robert F. Kennedy, Jr announced her as his running mate in what may be the most significant third-party run in recent memory. She joins today's Liberty Report to discuss t

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In the realm of emergency preparedness, having a reliable source of food is crucial. Among the various options available, canned meat and freeze-dried meat are two popular choices.

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How can MRI staff reduce the impact of radiofrequency-induced heating? Are tattoos and implantable medical devices safe? How can quenching be avoided? What are the special risks in 7-tesla MRI? A prize-winning RSNA 2023 exhibit addressed these and ot