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Washington is still reeling from Peter Strzok's testimony on Capitol Hill, where House lawmakers grilled him about his efforts to use FBI government power to try to stop President Donald Trump's campaign and current presidency.

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?President Trump told CBS Evening News anchor Jeff Glor on Wednesday that it's "true" Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election, and that he "would" hold Russian President Vladimir Putin responsible for it because he's in charge of the count

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It is now possible to capture images from the ground at visible wavelengths that are sharper than those from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. Ground telescopes have been much bigger than the Hubble Space telescope and could capture more light.

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Zach Taylor (Media Director Roads to Freedom Foundation) on showing people freedom - Dan Johnson (We Do Better) on empowering the individual - Scott Zimmerman (Exec Dir Roads to Freedom Foundation) on advancing liberty

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Mastercard has patented a method to manage cryptocurrency "fractional reserves". The big idea behind it seems to be that users will be able to pay with fiat on credit cards partly backed by crypto assets using a centralized system offering faster

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After the Trump-Putin Helsinki summit sent the 'Russiagate' McCarthyite commentariat into overdrive this week, Russian President Putin directly addressed the current climate of fevered and fear-driven Western media panic in what he introduced as "off

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Late last month, the Fed declared that six of the country's biggest banks needed to scale back their plans for returning cash to shareholders to strengthen their capital buffers, a striking reminder that banks shouldn't be overeager to put the legacy

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world with limitless energy...(Natural News) Is it really possible to capture the energy released during nuclear fusion reactions and turn it into an unlimited power supply for the entire world? A startup energy company based out of Washington state

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