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Anti-Government Movies

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Warner Bros. pushed V for Vendetta from Nov. 4 to March 17, 2006, citing post-production delays as the reason. Set in an alternate London, the action thriller is about a masked vigilante trying to overthrow a totalitarian government. Featuring Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving, it started production on March 3.

V for Vendetta's move is a bit awkward because the trailer ends with the voiceover, "Remember, remember the fifth of November," which is also the picture's tagline. With its original release date, V would have been in the wake of The Legend of Zorro, bowing with its similarly dressed and weapon-wielding hero on Oct. 28, but would have had the jump on Aeon Flux, another vigilante-versus-totalitarian-government action picture opening on Dec. 2.

Warner Bros. previously had Lucky You, a poker drama starring Eric Bana, set for March 17. Replaced by V for Vendetta, the studio has not specified a new date, listing it for sometime in the first or second quarter of next year.