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ABC News Confirms Indictments To Be Issued For Bush & Cheney - by Scott Mowry (from blog)

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ABC News Confirms Indictments

To Be Issued For Bush & Cheney

by Scott Mowry


"They are preparing the American people so it's not a shocker"

On last evening's edition of "Shop Talk from Plot HQ" for Sunday,

October 2, 2005, hosts Lenny Bloom and Sherman Skolnick reported that

ABC News has confirmed there are impending indictments of both George

W. Bush and Dick Cheney. The revelation was made by none other than

George Stephanopolis on the Sunday morning news show "This Week,"

proclaiming his information came from "reliable sources."

Skolnick and Bloom theorised that, now Stephanopolis has leaked this

historical information, it is likely that the major networks

particularly, ABC and CBS, will begin immediately preparing news

specials on the potentially explosive story of these indictments.

"They are trying to prepare the American people so it's not a

shocker," said Bloom.

Bloom asked Skolnick how he saw the scenario playing out after Bush

and Cheney are removed from office. Skolnick predicted a three-

headed troika government emerging for a temporary period of time.

"We'll have a 3-person administrative emergency panel made up of Al

Gore, the actual President, some (military) general who's not a war

monger, and a 3rd person they'll select. In other words, we'll get

into an emergency situation where an election cannot do the trick


Skolnick also expressed his concerns on how the Bush administration

and those who control them may respond to this latest development.

"I think our government will be discredited and swept away because

this stooge and scapegoat, George W. Bush, supervised by his father

who is not now an elected official at all, on behalf of the Queen of

England and the Anglo-American aristocracy, has controlled what is

going on in the United States, and so I'm very concerned that they

may in the very near future create some kind of earthquake

scenario. And then the White House will claim there's an emergency

and there has to be Martial Law."

Skolnick also warned of a potential stock market crash with the date

of October 19th, particularly likely to be the actual day. "I think

by the third week of October we may have another historical event.

October has been historically "crash month."