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10 things he notices about in the first 10 seconds

Written by Subject: Teen View
What guys really think

I knew I wanted to marry you within 10 seconds of meetting you," I told my new wife on our wedding night. She didn't believe me. I thought of arguing the point, but this wasn't the time. I was standing in the middle of our hotel room holding a glass of champagne and wearing her gift to me, a G-string man-pouch that looked like a tuxedo and played the wedding march every time she pressed the teeny-tiny bow tie. Even in that getup, I was absolutely seruous about what had happened at first sight. True, I noticed her amazing cheeckbonesbefore anything else, and I won't apologize for that; admit it, you judge us on our looks too. But though beauty is powerful, a man takes in much more than a woman's babe factor in the first moments of meeting her. Before we've introduced ourselves to you, we've probably already intuited from your body language, your smile, your voice, the cast of your eyes--even the way you walk into a room--if you are sincere, sexy, sad, happy, outgoing, shy, confident, understanding, patient and, most important, interested. Here are some of the way - beyond - superficial truths i gleaned about my wife and other women I've known, long before I actually knew them at all.

1. We can tell if you're confident

2. We can tell if you're insecure

3. We can tell if you're taken

4. We can tell if you're competitive with other women

5. We can tell if you like sex

6. We can tell if you're judging us

7. We can tell if you like your body

8. We can see that you're happy

9. We can tell if you're a diva

10. We can tell if you need us