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The Fraud of Voting

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Arizona Republic "Our right to vote becoming fraud"

Our right to vote becoming fraud

Dec. 31, 2005 12:00 AM

Millions now share the knowledge that laws were intentionally passed to prevent the manual verification of electronic vote tabulation.

The simple attempt to quickly hand-count a few hundred easily read and randomly selected ballots and comparing them to the computer vote totals has generated forceful opposition that exposes a very serious flaw: that votes counted by computer give the results they were programmed to produce.

And we have no way to verify the source code of the programming. Yet across the country, government representatives still advocate for the elimination of paper records so "messy recounts" can be replaced with a second push of a button.

Entering voting age, my four children are armed with the firsthand knowledge of how the system really works.

Does the next generation really have a voice? Will the attempts to socially and economically engineer our society allow our peaceful opposition? If you think you are going to vote yourself free, then you have not been paying attention.

But there is a peaceful option.

The powers granted government in the United States and Arizona Constitutions are clearly limited by the individual rights recognized in the Bill of Rights and the Arizona Declaration of Rights. But government's disregard of these rights has made these documents null and void in the minds of the people, even if on a subconscious level.

Good people shouldn't be thought less of just because the vast majority of them no longer vote. Sometimes the most understood and accurately counted vote is the one not cast.

Ernest Hancock, Phoenix

The writer is producer for the Charles Goyette Show on Air America Phoenix, KXXT-AM (1010).

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Comment by Oyate
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This ladies and gentleman is what is known as a BUMP

Comment by Cliff
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Voting validity has been on my mind ever since I ran for office as a Libertarian 10 years ago. It occurred to me that it wouldn't take much, even with the safe-guards, to change the outcome of an election... whether it be by propaganda before the election; or changed, discarded, ignored, modified counts after the polls are closed.
Computers are wonderful tools and we should all be intimately familiar with them. If we are, then we will know how fraud can be easily accomplished on a wide scale. Thank you, Ernie, for this warning and reminder. We need all the information we can get!