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Supreme Court Justice Souter is about to have his home taken by Eminent Domain

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Supporters of the Lost Liberty Hotel flew in from all parts of the United States to support our rally on 1/21 and 1/22. We collected seven times as many signatures as we needed. Our warrant article (initiative) is now on the March 14 Weare ballot at the appropriate position of number 50.

We found Weare voters to be much more supportive of the project than we expected. Every person that Logan asked to sign the petition signed it, except for one man who supported it but wanted to remain anonymous. Other walking teams also reported high levels of support.

What made it all worthwhile was when Doug Schwartz of the Coalition to Save the Fort Trumbull Neighborhood (in New London, CT) said, "the reason Susette Kelo and the others haven't been pushed out of their homes despite losing in court...WEARE, NEW HAMPSHIRE."

Perhaps the first shot of the Second American Revolution has already been fired.

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