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Got Liberty ? ... get "More Liberty"

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If you like Freedoms Phoenix or Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk you will want to check out MORE LIBERTY. The Liberty Comittee continues to carry the torch of liberty on the front lines of Capitol Hill. Their new blog looks to be a great web addition.

From the "More Liberty" Blog ...

Why We're Here

More liberty is what we want and we are fighting to get it. The battleground is the U.S. Congress, because that is where laws are made and laws are repealed.

We work the halls of Congress urging members to vote for more liberty, but we are a small voice in the catacombs of Washington. And that is why we need your help.

Our efforts alone will not win this battle. People from every state must persistently press their members of Congress to vote for more liberty. Because it is the votes cast in the committee rooms and on the floors of the U.S. House and Senate that count -- not words, only votes.

Timely and behind-the-scenes information will be posted here and in our e-mail alerts. You'll then be informed, so you can then take action.

And win this fight, we must increase our numbers. Because as our numbers grow, so grows our influence. Spread the word!

Check it out !